Terms / Agreement for Users of LifeSocial.com.au
Terms and conditions
This User Agreement is a legally binding agreement made between you ('You,' 'Your,' or 'Yourself') and LifeSocial Rideshare. ('LifeSocial,' 'LifeSocial.com.au,' 'We,' 'Us' or 'Our').

Please read this Agreement carefully before using the Services. You must read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this User Agreement, which includes those terms and conditions expressly set out below and those incorporated by reference, before you use any of the Services. By using any of the Services, You become a User of all Services available on the Site ('Participant' or 'User') and you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


LifeSocial Rideshare majority owns and operates the HighwaySawari.com.pk website.

Anyone of legal age or legally capable, denominated here as 'USER', who utilizes LifeSocial Rideshare services, must accept these General Conditions of Use and all the policies and principles that dictate them. Every user also agrees to comply with the User Standard of good conduct.

The Conditions of Use are indispensable, being mandatory in order to use the services of the website.

The use of services provided by LifeSocial Rideshare implies in immediate approval of these Conditions and their contents. This agreement is constituted by an exclusive document between LifeSocial Rideshare and the User, therefore replacing every deal, representations, assurances and understandings related to LifeSocial Rideshare, its contents and services provided by or through the website.

If you do NOT agree with the following terms & conditions of use AND with LifeSocial Rideshare's Privacy Policy or are not willing to latch on to these, do NOT sign up to the website and do NOT make any use of it.

A- 'LifeSocial Rideshare' is a non-profitable platform for the users of LifeSocial.com.au, by sharing a ride and to reduce the traveler cost. The service provided by LifeSocial Rideshare consists of joining people who take the same or similar routes so they can share the same vehicle, generating several economic, social and environmental benefits, thus contributing to vehicle traffic improvement and providing a fast and easy solution to enhance and make trips more viable;

B- 'RIDE', 'CAR SHARING' or 'CARPOOLING' is the act of going along with someone else through a certain route, with a vehicle under property and responsibility of one of the people involved (DRIVER) in exchange of a COST CONTRIBUTION;

C- 'DRIVER' is the USER who utilizes LifeSocial Rideshare's service in order to offer and share a ride with one or more PASSENGERS going to a certain destination on a previously defined day and time;

D- 'PASSENGER' is the user who accepted an offer to be taken to a certain destination by a DRIVER;

E- 'USER': Either a DRIVER or PASSENGER, or any other individual who makes use of LifeSocial Rideshare services;

F- 'TRIP': A certain route agreed to be taken by the PASSENGER and the DRIVER, through a website transaction;

G- 'DEPARTURE POINT': Previously established location defined by DRIVER and PASSENGER in order to meet up and begin the trip;

H- 'COST CONTRIBUTION': The value settled between the DRIVER and the PASSENGER for the trip, which must be paid by the PASSENGER as a contribution to the trip expenses. LifeSocial Rideshare owns a fair price calculator which considers the average fuel and Tollbooth expenses for a Trip, which may be altered by the driver and raised in up to 50% of the initial platform suggested value;

I- 'USER ACCOUNT': A website account opened by the USER in order to use the services provided by LifeSocial Rideshare;

J- 'USER GOOD CONDUCT POLICY': Series of values and behaviors set in order to turn viable the good functioning of the services provided by LifeSocial Rideshare and assure a positive interaction between users.

We ask that you respect other users and their space, not engage in harrassement, sexual harrassement, bullying, name calling, abuse, racism, sexual connectations, pornography, child pornography or pedophilia.

a) Do not upload inappropriate images to the gallery or message centre. b) Do not spam users or flood the site with fake trips c) Do not engage in behaviour that is malicious towards other users d) Do not engage in activites that are malicious towards the site, it's functionality, security and uptime.
We did not create this site as a tool to enable this type of activity, and we will exercise our right in keeping LifeSocial Rideshare a fun and safe place for all users. Engaging in this type of activity may have your account suspended.

If you cannot make a trip, please advise other parties that you organised with and do not leave them waiting around. Not advising other parties involved prior to the event will certainly attract poor feedback and ratings, multiple occurences may get your account suspended, and you may be liable to be sued by other parties involved for loss and damages.

If you put yourself in someone else's shoes who may have choosen to use the service you are offering, and have an all important meeting to get to. Not showing up is likely to make them late, have the meeting cancelled, their reputation damaged, and may result in loss of business.

Giving the person sufficient notice of not being able to make your trip will allow the person to make other plans.

If you see other users being bullied or harrassed please report this to either us or the police.

If you witness self harm, or become aware that someone is engaging in self harm this should be reported to authorities immediately.

LifeSocial Rideshare looks to:
a) Support and foster the accomplishment of ride sharing as a mean of transportation, with the objective of reducing car traffic, establishing social connections, improving quality of life and reducing costs and environment impacts that come from private transportation;

b) Gather in a simple way information on routes to be taken by registered users that may offer and receive rides from other LifeSocial Rideshare Users, creating a Database in order to unite Drivers and Passengers that may be willing to share a certain route;

c) Assure the accomplishment of procedures and processes that support safety indicators informed to each user;

d) Ease the encounters between Users, suggesting routes and safety policies, not being held responsible, however, for the non-compliance of the agreement proposed by a party, not presenting direct relationship between parties and absenting from any damage suffered by the user as a consequence of information inconsistency or fraud. As such, upon facing any violation of the proposed agreement through the website, we recommend you not to share that ride and report directly to LifeSocial Rideshare;

e) Encourage the sharing of costs originated from routes taken by users;

f) Encourage and promote rides between individuals from an organization in partnership or directly with other individuals that may come to know each other through LifeSocial Rideshare and may need to dislocate between places, within a city or between different cities, in a simple, pleasant and economic way.

a) Upon registering, the User agrees to having provided real information, complete and updated, as requested in the initially fulfilled form and knowing that LifeSocial Rideshare is not obliged to verify nor control the veracity of such data;

b) Upon utilizing the services offered by LifeSocial Rideshare, the user compromises to comply with Federal, State and Municipal Laws, besides the rules contained in this term, any copyright involved and also any other law or effective right in place of utilization;

c) Any legal entity or individual, with full legal capability, are authorized to participate in this system. People with no such legal capability, including but not restricted to people who are not of legal age, must be accompanied by their legal representative;

d) The user agrees to being judged by LifeSocial Rideshare's legal team, knowing that the entity may refuse your use or cancel your User account at any time, whether it is due to internal policies or accusations;

e) LifeSocial Rideshare has the right to utilize every possible and legal way to identify their Users, as well as request, at any time, additional data and documents that may be perceived as pertinent, in order to assure the veracity of the personal provided data;

f) LifeSocial Rideshare is not to be held responsible for any occurrence that may lead to the publication or dissemination of a personal password to third parties. The user will be the only one held responsible for such events;

g) It's forbidden, under any circumstance, the transference of a registry to third parties.

a) The user acknowledges that any visualized content, such as texts, products, and general information are responsibility of the people who created this content within the website;

b) LifeSocial Rideshare has the right to review, filter, refuse and remove any uploaded content considered inappropriate, in any of its services;

c) The user accepts that, upon utilizing LifeSocial Rideshare's services, he or she may be exposed to content considered offensive, false, or disrespectful to these Terms, and that he or she will use LifeSocial Rideshare's services at his or her own risk.

d) The user accepts to be the only on held responsible for any content provided by him or herself in any services provided by LifeSocial Rideshare;

e) Upon deleting content, the user knows and agrees that such content may remain within LifeSocial Rideshare's database or in data backup, but not visible to other users;

f) The user holds copyright to any content published on LifeSocial Rideshare's domain. When publishing such content, the user concedes LifeSocial Rideshare an irrevocable, perpetual, international and royalty's exempt and not exclusive authorization to publish, filter or remove such content.

a) The user agrees to have LifeSocial Rideshare services act exclusively as a mean of easing the encounter between DRIVERS and PASSENGERS in order to share a ride, among all other benefits listed above. Therefore, LifeSocial Rideshare exempts itself from any other responsibilities that might be established at the user's own risk.

b) LifeSocial Rideshare does NOT assure:
i. That the services will satisfy the users' needs;
ii. That the services will work 24 hours a day, continuously;
iii. That the provided services are error free and completely safe;
iv. That the information provided by other users is real and updated;
v. That occasional damage to gadgets may happen when used to access LifeSocial Rideshare's Services.

a) DRIVER'S obligations. The DRIVER agrees: i. To having a valid Drivers' License that complies with the National and Traffic Law;
ii. To having a valid Car Insurance;
iii. To presenting him or herself at appointed time and place agreed through the website, with the specified vehicle;
iv. To immediately informing every PASSENGER about any alteration to a previously scheduled trip. If at least one PASSENGER has made a reservation and the DRIVER decides to change any aspects of the trip, the DRIVER compels to previously warn every PASSENGER and obtain the agreement of all of them to the change he wishes to make. If a PASSENGER refuses to accept such change, he has the right to full repayment of the paid value (in case he has already paid), not having the right to plea any damage to LifeSocial Rideshare and, pleading, the DRIVER complies to being held responsible;
v. To the Standard of Good Conduct at every single moment; and
vi. To waiting the passenger at the Departure point for at least 15 (fifteen) minutes after the scheduled time (the PASSENGER must, however, be punctual).

b) The Passengers' obligations. The PASSENGER agrees:
i. To presenting himself at the time and place agreed with the DRIVER;
ii. To informing the DRIVER with, at least, a 24 (TWENTY FOUR) antecedence in case of a Trip's Cancellation;
iii. With the Standard of Good Conduct at all times;
iv. To waiting at the Previously accorded departure point for at least 15 minutes after the appointed Departure time for the DRIVER; and
v. To paying the Cost Contribution to the DRIVER. Warning: Should the DRIVER or PASSENGER not comply with any of these terms or any other conditions stablished throughout the website, LifeSocial Rideshare has the right of considering a violation, to publish or spread any User's online profile information, and to suspend or remove the Member's Access to the Website.

a) LifeSocial Rideshare does NOT provide Transportation services, being only a mean of supporting Ride Sharing as a way to benefiting its users. Therefore, when requiring or accepting to share a ride, the users understand that LifeSocial Rideshare does not have any direct bond with any user, just easing the DRIVER - PASSENGER contact. The user understands and agrees that LifeSocial Rideshare cannot be held responsible for any acts or omissions by any user, be those robbery, thievery, missing an appointment due to any act, argument and others, including the effective compliance with the Users' obligations. The user understands and accepts that upon registering and accepting the Service policies, has done it at the users own risk. LifeSocial Rideshare recommends that every transaction is made with good sense. About continuous system functionality and system inconsistencies;

b) LifeSocial Rideshare does not guarantee the System will be continuously available, error free, being, therefore, unable to hold responsibility for any damage dealt to users. As the services and systems offered are in constant improvement and correction, the users understand and agree that there might be occasional and not warned changes;

c) The user also agrees that LifeSocial Rideshare will not be held responsible for any damaged caused to his gadget as a result of using LifeSocial Rideshare's Website.

d) LifeSocial Rideshare also has the right to suspending any service or system that d not commercially viable through LifeSocial Rideshare's own analysis and evaluation at any time, without any need of previous warning to the Users. About damage compensation:

e) The user agrees to compensate and exempt LifeSocial Rideshare and its representatives from any complaints, law suits, losses responsibilities, damages and expends, including reasonable lawyer fees and law cost for any damage that they cause or suffer;

a) It is optional and recommended that the users rate every other user they travel with, rating them with grades or leaving a comment about the shared ride. The Ratings are of exclusive use of LifeSocial Rideshare, in order to provide a better service to our users. We hold the right to exclude users from LifeSocial Rideshare in case of too many complaints. Ratings can be published in the Website and seen by every individual who makes a search on LifeSocial Rideshare. LifeSocial Rideshare has the right to use the Ratings as a mean of improving the service provided, internally or externally.

a) LifeSocial Rideshare Stablishes a Standard of good Conduct that must be respected by the Users in order to maintain the website functional and the endurance of the User within the Website. As such, LifeSocial Rideshare recommends that the users read and follow the Standards of Good Conduct. These Standards are based on minimal legal law and good sense in order to nicely sharing a ride. These Standards are available at the link STANDARDS OF GOOD CONDUCT.

a) LifeSocial Rideshare foresees that special conditions to women may be offered, looking to provide comfort and convenience to this share of users. However, LifeSocial Rideshare does not assure: (i) this service will comply with the user's needs; (ii) this service will work 24 hours a day with any interruption; (iii) that this service is Error free and completely safe; (iv) that the information provided by other users is real.

a) Services Provided by LifeSocial Rideshare are strictly limited to a service for DRIVERS and PASSENGERS, in order for these to share a private vehicle. The services cannot be used to offer or obtain any profit in any commercial or professional aspect;

b) DRIVERS cannot obtain profit from any trip. The service and cost contribution serve only as a mean of reducing the DRIVER's cost and not to generate PROFIT of any kind. The DRIVER cannot obtain profit through the money received through cost contribution, the types of trips offered by a DRIVER, the Frequency of such trips or the number of PASSENGERS taken. That applies to any additional activity or service that may be accorded between DRIVER and PASSENGER through LifeSocial Rideshare;

c) The DRIVER cannot provide additional services for profit or earnings, and the PASSENGER cannot accept or ask for any of those services, including, but not limited, to goods delivery, waiting time or transport of additional passengers besides what has been agreed through the website;

d) The DRIVER cannot, under any hypothesis, charge the PASSENGER for any value higher than the one agreed through the COST CONTRIBUTION, already made available on the website search page;

e) LifeSocial Rideshare is not held responsible for the commercialization of any additional services and, since those are not objects of LifeSocial Rideshare's activity, LifeSocial Rideshare has the right to block or exclude any user that insists on such commercial activities;
f) Every Trip, meeting point and destinations must be stablished within the website with antecedence.

a) The PASSENGER must pay to the DRIVER the COST CONTRIBUTION due to the costs of the trip. The LifeSocial Rideshare service may, eventually, have costs to their USERS, to be shown transparently within the Platform.

a) LifeSocial Rideshare will collect, store and may transfer or make available to other users the data and information provided by other users (as seen in their privacy preferences), as long as it is in the service function, including, but no limited to Full Name, Age, Photo, Profile, e-mail and Phone Number. LifeSocial Rideshare is to be held responsible for the information made available by other users and commits to store them and not share them when not for the use of LifeSocial Rideshare's Service;

b) LifeSocial Rideshare will implement appropriate safety measures in order to safeguard and help avoiding access, change, sharing or destruction without authorization of any user provided information;

c) LifeSocial Rideshare is not held responsible for any user Data loss, including those caused by unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, due to website invasions and security break by not allowed third parties.

a) LifeSocial Rideshare may notify, suspend or cancel, temporarily or permanently, the account of a user at any time, providing the necessary measures in case of: (i) violation of any declaration, warranty and obligation within these Terms of use and EVERY other policies and rules adjacent to such Terms; (ii) Practice of fraudulent or deceitful acts;

(iii) LifeSocial Rideshare understanding, to its exclusive criteria, that activities and attitudes may have caused or may cause damage to third parties or LifeSocial Rideshare itself. In this case, the user won't hold right to any compensation for the canceling or suspension of his/her account of the system and will stay halted from accessing his/her registry data.

a) Theses Terms of use do NOT generate any society, franchising, or any other kind of labour contract between LifeSocial Rideshare and the user;

b) These Terms of Use may be modified by LifeSocial Rideshare at any Time. The changes will be in effect as soon as published within the Website;

c) Upon registry as a System User and electronic acceptance of the current Terms, through the button 'I Accept the Terms and Conditions', the User declares irrevocably to agree with these terms and every other Policies and rules available in our System, even if not registered in the website.

Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Privacy and Security please contact us or download our full Privacy Agreement.

You agree, at your own expense, to indemnify, defend and hold harmless LifeSocial Rideshare, its officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, distributors and licensees from and against any judgment, losses, deficiencies, damages, liabilities, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees and expenses) incurred in connection with or arising from any claim, demand, suit, action or proceeding arising out of this Agreement or in connection with your use of this website or any product or service related thereto.

All registered and/or unregistered trademarks and/or service marks used or referred to on the website are the property of LifeSocial Rideshare, unless otherwise noted. You may not use, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit, distribute or modify these marks in any way without LifeSocial Rideshare's prior written permission. The use of LifeSocial Rideshare's trademarks on any other website is prohibited.