Your Privacy and LifeSocial
The relationship between (You, the user of the site) and LifeSocial is bound by terms and conditions as set out below.

LifeSocial takes users privacy and security very seriously. All data stored is encrypted on our own servers and kept within Australia. All communications between you and our servers are encrypted via SSL 256bit.

The data stored on our servers will never be used for data mining or be sold to any third party companies. LifeSocial may analyse limited data in an anonymous and non evasive way for the purposes of improving products and services offered by LifeSocial. We do not store credit card information or any financial information on our servers.

We may auto block users with unusual and suspicious activity on the site and ask you to contact us.

We're not going to make random security and privacy changes without notifying you 7 days prior to any change. Doing so is just plain rude and disrespectful.

Cookies are only ever used to store a temporary user session when you login to LifeSocial, after you log out the session becomes invalid and a new one is needed to be generated.

We have no interest in tracking your online activity after you leave our site. This is unlike Facebook who do track your online activity through the use of Facebook cookies.

Vehicle Details
The data we collect in relation to vehicles that are used for carpooling are for the purpose of other carpoolers being able to locate you and your vehicle on the day of travel.
It also helps ensure carpoolers travelling with you, that your car is registered and insured ready for the roads. We share your vehicle details in a limited way with the co-travellers that you have accepted.

Police Safety Check
It is not compulsary to perform the Police Safety Check, however co-travellers may feel more comfortable and safe knowing that you have been verified.
LifeSocial reserves the right to verify or decline users Police safety check at our own discrection. LifeSocial have clear guidelines and processes around Police safety checks for the fairness of all site users.

Calendar Events
Calendar events are private and are only seen by the user. In the future Calendar events will be able to be shared with friends and relatives for security purposes, in the same way you may share an intinerary with friends and family when travelling.

Photos uploaded to LifeSocial can be seen by the user and members of your Friends Network Only.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Privacy and Security please contact us.