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LifeSocial Carpooling Announces Live Launch, 15th May 2014
May 12, 2014 - Carpooling has many advantages. It can save money, and help to reduce the use of fuel, thus helping to reduce pollution. However, LifeSocial Carpooling has taken the concept a little further.
The site is set for its official launch on May 15, 2014. The aim of the site is to allow users to post and book trips anywhere, but without the costs of using a taxi service. LifeSocial Carpooling brings drivers and passengers together.
Whatever the journey is for, LifeSocial Carpooling can help to make it easier and much more affordable. It could be for the daily commute into work, or maybe someone is looking for a travel buddy for an around Australia trip. University students, back packers, and oversea travellers could all benefit from the service, or it could just be someone looking for a lift. has made finding a travel partner easy. By using the search function on LifeSocial Carpooling, users can search the network to find people within the closes radius to an address, or a specified departure and arrival point to enable the user to find someone that is travelling to the same destination.
Once a suitable travelling companion is found, users of the site can connect with each other to discuss the details further. For the safety of the users of LifeSocial Carpooling, the site also has an optional Police Verification Check for peace of mind.
Moreover, LifeSocial Carpooling also makes arranging a journey much easier. Users of the site will have full access to the “My Trip Centre” feature that allows trips to be managed from start to finish. In addition, trips will appear on the “events” calendar, which can be exported to Outlook and Gmail calendars.
LifeSocial's Mobile App will be available mid June 2014.
LifeSocial is offering all members free membership to LifeSocial's platform. This is so their members have a transport tool to help them get around after sorting out their accommodation.
We believe this will make things a bit easier for them. members should check out members offer
To find out more about LifeSocial Carpooling, or to sign up to the site, visit:
Dan Skill is the founder and leader behind LifeSocial.
The company's first steps were into the Carpooling area, and this was out of a need. Dan Skill needed to travel from one place to another and at the time did not have a working vehicle. Considering the other options available, they were not exactly viable.
Relying on Taxi's was expensive, Buses and Trains didn't go near the required destinations and did not have the convenience and flexibility of being able to cart larger amounts of luggage.
Founder Dan Skill wondered if other people were experiencing the same issue. People who would Carpool but have not been able to find the right people, or means to build the right relationships with other people to safely carpool.
This is where LifeSocial Carpooling started, to make finding the right people easier and more convenient.
To this day we hope that users establish their community of friends on LifeSocial and share, organise and a whole lot more.
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Dan Skill
LifeSocial Carpooling
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