What Is LifeSocial and How Do We Work?
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Who we are
LifeSocial is a technology company that has developed a software and a system that allows anyone to request a ride, and anyone who has a car to become a driver that is able to provide a ride to users requesting a ride.
How we work
LifeSocial provides a service that connects people who drive with others who are looking for a ride, in a safe and open manner. We take an interest in maintaining a safe, reliable network of people. Complaints against users are taken seriously and may result in the account being suspended, and in some cases the issue raised with Police.
LifeSocial does not charge any fee's to drivers or people riding. We charge a monthly subscription fee to use the service.
The System
Requests for rides can be submitted via web or mobile app. A trip plan detailing the travel points, time of departure, meeting location, vehicle used, insurance, and costs involved will need to be agreed upon by both parties. Once the trip is accepted the driver will meet you at the agreed location.
Costs should be paid to the driver at the end of the ride.
Offers to drive can be submitted via web or mobile app. The driver can request a selected amount of money in compensation for driving. Users looking for rides will be able to view the drivers profile, rating and comments, type of car, registration, and be able to chat to others.
The user looking to ride must make an enquiry with the driver. The driver will either accept or decline the enqiry. Accepted enquiries will be added to the Trip Centre and Event Calendar, and both parties will be reminded of the carpooling event prior to the event commencing.
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