What insurance is available if there's an accident?
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When selecting a driver to co-travel with it's important to consider if the driver has insurance or not.
Carpool drivers or rideshare drivers often provide transportation with their personal vehicles, and sometimes a work vehicle.
Carpool drivers should carry full comprehensive personal insurance policies. The co-traveller needs to check for insurance before proceeding with the trip.
This is easy to check, when viewing the trip plan the 'Vehicle Section' states the vehicle that will be in use, the registration details, number plate and insurance details. Although is still up to the honesty of the driver. Co-Travellers need to ensure that the car they get into is the car stated on the trip plan.
In addition CTP Greenslip Third Party insurance may cover aspects of an accident, but should not solely be relied upon. Third parties include the drivers passengers and other road users, such as drivers, passengers of other vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists, motor cyclists and pillion passengers.
We have contacted a few Insurance company's to find out what their policies generally cover, in no means does this mean that that the following information would be correct for your policy, all policies differ and drivers should check with their Insurance Provider. The information is correct at the time of publishing and information was provided directly from the Insurance company's.
NRMA's response has given us a renewed confidence in insurance offered in Australia.
Q. What issues are there surrounding a person with full comprehensive insurance driving others in a carpooling manner?
A. There are no issues for other people travelling in a car pool as long as that person has permission from the policy holder.
Q. Are the people carpooling with the driver covered if an accident was to occur?
A. People are covered in an accident as long as the driver has a current green slip and current registration
Q. Should people carpooling with a driver obtain their own insurance to cover themselves?
A. There is no need to have any other type of insurance.
Q. I have read that Insurance may not be valid if the Carpool driver was making money from the car pooling event, is this true?
A. It could affect the cover, however if it is only "petrol money" i.e reimbursing expenses you have incurred, this is not a problem.
Q. Is there any way that a carpool traveler can find out if the drivers insurance is up to date?
A. No because of privacy laws. You cannot obtain details about other people's policies. The only way is for the person to tell you.
APIA had the following to say:
The type of use vehicles that carpool are subject to fall outside of our Underwriting Guidelines. In other words, APIA will not cover vehicles that are used for carpooling.
If you need help finding the right insurance policy for you contact the Insurance Council of Australia
Phone: 1300 884 934
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