I left something in my ride
Angry Driver
Think you may have left something in the car? Here are a few tips..
1. Contact the driver immediately. You may be able to get hold of the driver before they have driven too far. The drivers mobile phone number is displayed on their LifeSocial Profile and was shared with you when you both accepted the trip.
2. Leave a private message for the driver on LifeSocial or via email.
3. If the driver does not respond you may want to leave a message on the Feedback page for this trip. Feedback is visible via the users profile and can be seen by all other users on the site, this helps determine if other users may choose to travel with them in the future.
4. If the driver has not responded and you are sure you left the item in the car, you can report this to the police, however you should seek advice from a solicitor first and consider the following scenario.
Something left in someone's car is not initially considered theft.
Let's say you left a power drill in the drivers car. The driver keeps on promising to get this back to you, the driver does not intend on keeping it and it has just been left in the garage, but the driver doesn't get around to giving it back.
If this is pure forgotfulness, which goes on for a fairly long period (despite reminders) it would not be theft. However, eventually there comes a point where (You) the passenger have been deprived of your property for so long that the driver has no excuse for not returning it. The Criminal Courts would consider the driver as having stolen the drill.
If you have a similar problem, keep a record of all occasions you have asked for the item back and then ask a solicitor to send a formal letter asking for the return of the property. If the property is still not returned, there may sufficient reason to justify making a complaint of theft to the police.
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