How do I become a driver
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Becoming a driver can be a rewarding experience, you get to meet new people, help the environment and you can share the costs of travel between other passengers carpooling with you.
Be 23 years of age or older
Have a drivers license and at least three years' driving experience
Agree to a driver history check and police check
Own a registered and well maintained car
Agree to drive in a safe and responsible manner and abide by our zero tolerance policy to drugs and alcohol
Partake in a Video Conference Interview with LifeSocial
Please read the article 'Cost Sharing and Profiting from Driving' for more information.
Registering is fast and easy, we even alert you of new potential jobs in your area.
Everyone is encouraged to become a LifeSocial Carpooling driver. However not everyone will be accepted, to be onboard you need to meet all 6 points above.
Registering is easy. Simply fill in the Sign Up Form. After Sign Up is completed you will be directed to
your Profile where you will need to fill in some extra details.
1. Start with the General Account Tab and ensure your Mobile Number, Suburb and Post Code are correctly filled in.
2. In the Carpool Settings Tab add the Vehicle(s) you will be using, including the Insurer of the Vehicle(s).
3. In the Subscription Tab ensure your account is setup as a Premium Account.
4. In the Police Safety Check Tab you can optionally upload your Police Check.
Once you upload the Police Check and this is verified you will become a Verified Driver.
We highly advise that you do upload a Police Check as Verified Drivers are more trusted and are more likely to get Jobs.
5. In the My Alerts Tab configure Driver Alerts to be On and configure the areas you wish to receive alerts about.
Performing your Police Safety Check
1. Log into your account
2. Select Profile from the Settings button
3. Select the Police Check Tab from the left menu
4. Submit your National Police Check via the Online Application Form
If you already have a National Police Check skip this step
5. When you have received your National Police Certificate simply upload it
6. Your certificate will be reviewed and then approved
7. Your profile will then display a Police safety symbol
Setting Up Alerts
1. Log in to your account
2. Select Profile from the Settings button
3. Select the My Alerts Tab from the left menu
4. Select the 'Driver Alerts On' check box and ensure this is enabled as pictured below
5. Select the Receive alerts based on and fill in the km radius and post code
6. Select Save. You should now be receiving Driver Alerts within 10 minutes
Happy Driver
Accepting Jobs from Job Alerts
1. Log in to your account
2. Select the My trip centre button from the Carpooling page
3. Select the Job Alerts Tab
4. All Jobs that are in the km radius of the post code selected in Driver Alerts will appear in this Tab
5. You can View, Accept and Decline the Jobs. Jobs that are accepted by someone else, or expire will no longer appear. Job Alerts
Accepting Jobs from Enquiries Tab
Lets just say you have added an Offer to drive from Sydney to Griffith. Jas has made an enquiry on this trip and is interested in coming along. As the driver you can view the profile of Jas, you must Accept the enquiry if you wish to proceed with the trip.

Accepting the enquiry is important as it lets Jas know that she has been accepted, it lets others on the site know that this trip is now filled.
The trip is also added to Jas' calendar and a reminder is sent to both parties prior to the trip commencing.

1. Log in to your account
2. Select the My trip centre button from the Carpooling page
3. Select the My Trips Tab
4. You will see all trips that you have added, and will also see the amount of Enquiries on each trip added
5. Select the Enquiries Tab and you will be able to View, Accept and Decline the enquiry

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