Why we have chosen to exit social networks like Facebook
We're exiting facebook
Better things in life than facebook
Hi, It's been a while since we have posted anything significant about LifeSocial Rideshare and our Real Roadside Assistance business.
As of today 09/05/2016 we have chosen to exit the social networking scene, so we will be closing our Facebook Page, and I will explain why below.
We will be keeping a twitter account open in case of website outages or other unforseen issues.
Nearly 3 years ago we started using social networking such as Facebook as a way of engaging with our audience, finding new users to our platform and sharing rides.
We've had a massive increase in Facebook Likes, but these Likes did not translate into anything, we actually found that some of the Likes were not connected to someone who would use our platform or could use the platform.
To further stake our claim we also provided the platform for highwaysawari in Pakistan, we poured money into social networking spend as the manager wanted to drive Likes to the facebook page and not activity to the platform itself. So we now have over 10,000 Facebook likes and not one single user on the highwaysawari platform.
We found that the users on Facebook were not that engaged in Facebook itself or the pages that they Liked. As a result we can now safely say that Facebook for the majority part is a waste of time, resources and money and not just for us, but for other companies who care to look at the real ROI it has provided them.
Some companies achieve value from a customer service point of view, but no real translation into any type of income. We personally perfer people call or email us with their complaint so we can help them out. We don't need for it to be on show for yet another Faux facade, (look at us and how quick we resolve peoples issues).
We translate happy customers as people who are willing to tell their friends and are happy to renew the next year. Not a Facebook Page Like.
We urge our own users to think different, and to rethink the purpose Facebook plays in their own life. Is it necessary to post absolutely everything you do, is it about keeping up with the Jone's or was Facebook meant to be there as a way to keep your friends close and connected.
Facebook has failed at it's real origin and reason for being started. Most friends on your Facebook list are now even more distant then ever and barely even call you.
We urge companies to take a very real and hard look at what Facebook has done for them and if you are not getting any value out of Facebook, leave.
Don't be that sucker that keeps it running because everyone else on the internet has. Believe me there are plenty of companies who have exited Facebook or refuse to start using it. Facebook and Social Networking sites have no bearing on the sucess of a company.
If you feel different about this, please by all means leave a facebook post on our page.
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Date Published: 09/05/2016
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