Why $6.10 Is The Magic Number.

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You get up in the morning, book a taxi ($2.50), you get in the vehicle and sit down ($3.60). Before you have even moved, you owe the taxi driver $6.10, that's ok if you love paying for nothing.
But the truth is it's a rort, it's plain robbery and better still if you don't pay it's considered theft. One call to the police and their there. My house was recently broken into, I called the police. Did they arrive? No.
The Taxi service relies on the flagfall (paying something for nothing) to make large profits. It's also the reason that you cannot get a taxi alot of the time, taxi drivers make enough money not to care about particular jobs.
They pick and choose jobs, not based on the area closest, but how much it will pay. If it's a small job there likely to say no thanks if they've made enough money for the day.
A few years ago I was in the city and it was about 1am, I just wanted to get out of the city and go home. I hollered a taxi, the taxi stopped, the doors were locked and the driver put his window down and said "Where are you going?" I said North Sydney, he replied "Im not going that way" and he drove off. It was a 10 minute drive over the harbour bridge, and yes I was the customer, he should be going that way.
We're customers and we certainly deserve to be treated a hell of a lot better than we are. I've put multiple complaints into the Central Coast Taxi service. You never here back, they never action anything. It's all ignored. You call them up and you are told "here is the email address. Goodbye".
When a booked taxi does not arrive you call the booking center and complain, the first thing you are told is "We don't have control over what jobs they choose" So quite clearly the $2.50 that you are about to pay when a taxi does arrive is all for nothing. Ask for a refund on that as they did not actually do there job.
I recently spoke to the Operations Manager "Paul" of Central Coast Taxi's and advised that my site was getting taxi bookings coming through I would like to discuss an arrangement where I pass these bookins on to you for a fee. Ignorant Paul suggested that they were not interested in paying for bookings, and that I should just pass them to the Central Coast Taxi service for free.
I laughed and hung up, the ignorance comes from the Central Coast Taxi service thinking they are the only taxi service allowed on the Central Coast.
We have to remember a few things here. Taxi owners are a separate business to the Central Coast Taxi Service. Which means that the Central Coast Taxi Service is replaceable and it's replaceable right now.
If the Central Coast Taxi service don't want to play ball we have a solution. We will be rolling out a taxi booking app and on the other end an app for the driver to accept and reject bookings. This will change the flagfall from $2.50 to $1.10 for people, simply by booking using the app and you won't need to call a 13 number.
We will be also introducing a strike rate against drivers of taxi's Every complaint will be followed through, and if drivers receive 3 serious complaints they will be removed from our system. We need to be regulating taxi drivers as it reflects poorly on them and us.
We will also be looking at having all jobs payable through the app.
This fixes problems of taxi drivers carrying around money with them.
It also helps the consumer as there will be no 10% surcharge on Credit Cards and EFTPOS.
We do not pay kickbacks to drivers, unlike the current system which see's about 5% - 8% go back to the driver. We estimate that the surcharge on Credit Cards and EFTPOS will be around 2% when paying through our Taxi Booking App.
Change is needed and to be honest, the government has a broken promise of halving the 10% surcharge. If we want change, then it's now down to the people to make this happen. We will implement the systems, but we equally need critical mass using that system.
I would not say this is a war against Central Coast Taxi's service, but a war on change. The Taxi system has been done wrong for the last 20 years and now something has got to give.
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Date Published: 10/11/2014
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