What does Tim Cook know about Security?
Not a damn thing actually.
Tim Cook, Uninventive, Lacks knowledge in security
It's smoke and mirrors at Apple, and business as usual. Would we expect anything less from Apple than to have Tim Cook make a pledge to customers that they are now going to up the ante on Security, 1 week after they were hacked.
There are a few facts that Apple customers need to be aware of, and that is the truth. The Apple O/S Core is based on the BSD Linux kernel. The kernel is where the security is at and this my friends is written by an Open Source Community of Volunteers.
Infact the Kernel is where a lot of the new features come from. So their not written by Apple, nor does Apple have control over how security is implemented. Apple do however write the pretty interface that goes on top of the Kernel, known as the GUI.
The same GUI that most of us believe is backwards and makes no sense. Let's all remember how they went out on a limb to try and tell everyone that the single mouse click should be the way to go. I'd hate to tell you Tim Cook, 90% of Apple users spend their time either holding down Control and using the single mouse click, or actually just turning Left and Right click back on.
I should also remind you that when bringing new features out, they should be useful to customers. Not change the way they do things just to be different. We get the "think different" thing.. just don't be weird different like Apple is.
The funniest thing is that the Kernel was not the part that was hacked, but an application that Apple had written by themselves.
Apple have a long way to go when it comes to knowing and understanding true security. They certainly cannot be trusted with Apple Pay, and this is exactly why retailers are apprehensive to use the technology.
Have you ever wondered why you cannot purchase the operating system on it's own without the hardware?
Well that's because Apple legally cannot sell the operating system, it's something they do not own. The kernel as mentioned before is written by the Open Source Community. So technically the operating system is given to you free when you pay for overpriced hardware.
Overall a Macbook Pro is simply an Intel based computer with a 13" or 15" display and it's worth not much more than $700 RRP. Couple this with a free operating system called Free BSD and you have yourself a Macbook Pro. What bothers me the most is that consumers are paying in excess of $2300 for a Macbook Pro and they're truly getting ripped off.
Just last week Mark Zuckerberg had the following to say about Apple.. "If Apple were truly aligned with customers then it would charge less for all of those iThings it's selling." Source
It's enough said about Apple, their obnoxious, rude and the consumer is the product they exploit the most.
Every year Apple spin their marketing and use their Cash Cow, the iPhone. I wonder exactly how many got suckered into purchasing a new iPhone that had a 1" larger screen and was 4mm thinner and still handed over $900 for the privilege. The stupidity has to stop, stop being fooled and avoid getting ripped off.
Free BSD Linux looks extremely close to OSX - Apple's so called Operating System.
It's downloadable for free here Free BSD Operating System Download
Tim Cook, Uninventive, Lacks knowledge in security
Date Published: 08/12/2014
Author: Dan Skill
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