We met LIMA and we personally wouldn't use it.
LIMA Device
LIMA Connected to Router and HDD
Hi, Im Dan. I'm an IT Engineer and have been in the IT Industry for over 23 years and have worked for some of the top corporations of today.
Over the last few days we have been reviewing the electronic device called LIMA. It allows you to connect the device to your Internet Router, connect a USB memory stick or external HDD for Storage and in a few minutes you have storage hosted at home.
It sounds good until you dig a little deeper. The LIMA is marketed as the future and as a revolutionary device, but all im seeing is a step backwards. Especially in the way it has been implemented.
A few years ago I had a similar idea, but canned it because it's hard to compete with the price of cloud storage where you get enterprise quality storage and redundancy of your valuable data, something LIMA does not offer.
The biggest problem I have with LIMA, is that they are asking people to store their valuable data, photos, music and videos on consumer grade external hard drives or worse a shitty $8 USB memory stick from the local supermarket. With no redundancy, backup or mirroring of your data.
The LIMA device lacks concepts of RAID, Mirroring across devices, Spanning, No backup and no fail over. If you compare this to the likes of Google Drive, Dropbox and AWS S3 it's literraly day and night in difference. Google Drive, Dropbox and AWS S3 all store your data on Enterprise quality hard drives, and they back up for you.
My data is far to valuable to me, that I would not stray away from a decent enterprise quality cloud storage for a host it yourself solution.
As far as cost goes, Google Drive offer 15GB Free and the next 100GB is just $1.99 per month for enterprise storage that is backed up for you. Total Cost for 1 Year $23.88
A LIMA will cost you $99 for the device once off, and then you need some storage lets take a 128GB Samsung USB 3.0 Memory stick, we found online for $89 Total Cost $188.
To reach the same cost as a LIMA you would need to store your data on Google Drive for 7.8 YEARS. Im sorry but it's a no brainer that a LIMA does not make any sense what so ever. If cost is not on your mind and you really want to host your own data at home then I'd highly recommend that you buy yourself a good Enterprise external hard drive.
What LIMA now need to do to make this product somewhat appealing is to make available RAID style mirroring of data. The ability to pair two LIMA devices together and not necessarily in the same location. If we could put one LIMA at home and one in the Office and they sync between each other great, you'd now have reliable storage that is slow.
As far as security goes Google Drive and Dropbox are both encrypted and offer 2 Factor Authentication for extra security. LIMA is just another cloud and therefore just as accessible from the internet and just as likely to be hacked. Google Drive and Dropbox STILL WIN in the security department.
No LIMA's were harmed in testing this product. It's definetly not for me with so many other options in the market.
Date Published: 05/04/2016
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