Understanding Carpool Lanes In Australia.
LifeSocial Understanding Carpool Lanes
The Eastern Highway in Melbourne was home to the first carpool lane, which opened in 1992. In an effort to combat congestion and improve traffic flow. Australia went on to catapult development, incorporating carpooling lanes across the country, including in Sydney and Brisbane. Today, Sydney boasts 53 km of HOV lanes, and kilometers of roadway dedicated to carpooling can be found throughout New South Wales as well as Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, the Northern Territory and more.
The daily commute is time consuming, costly and exhausting; in fact, even the lightest vehicle costs upwards of $100 a week in maintenance and fuel with the average commute. But carpools address both issues, improving one of the most frustrating parts of the average person's day.
Rideshare lanes require a set amount of people in one vehicle, dramatically decreasing the amount of cars utilising the lane. Even during peak traffic times, carpool lanes move significantly quicker than adjacent lanes, allowing you to zip past traffic. With just 4 people to a car, you eliminate 3 cars from the highway, reducing congestion on standard lanes while streamlining travel in carpool lanes.
On average, rideshare lanes move approximately 8 km/h faster than general lanes; depending on your commute, this could save you about 10 minutes each way, which accounts for 20 minutes a day or 1 hour and 40 minutes a week. That's time for an extra dinner with friends, a game of football in the backyard with the kids, or a leisurely stroll down the beach after work!
But time saving isn't the only benefit of carpooling. Because rideshare lanes require two or more individuals in one car, depending on the specific rules and local laws, carpools also allow drivers to reduce their commuting expenses by 50-percent or more. With three people in a light vehicle, the average $100 weekly cost goes down to just a little over $33 per person!
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Date Published: 11/08/2014
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