To App or Not
To App or Not
As founder of LifeSocial I have recently faced the tough decision of 'To Create an App or Not'.
I have a difference in thinking.
The problem is that Innovators, Developers and Organisations are all stuck in a mindset of an App for this and an App for that. How about taking a step back and seeing the reality, we're being played by 2x companies with a monopoly "Apple" and "Google".
Are we that short sighted that we cannot see the problem with this.
We write an app for iPhone and then need to write an App for Android, so now I have 2x different Teams working on building App's and then maintaining the versions and new product releases.
What about Windows Mobile OS who has their own App Store and not to mention Ubuntu Touch which is looking like a popular choice in the future, I suppose they are going to have their own App Store too.
Does this mean I am now developing for another 2x Mobile OS and now have 4x Teams of Developers and where do you draw the line?
I believe development should be done in a way that allows and makes use of Open Standards. Your "App" should be able to be used across all devices, giving the same user experience across all devices.
The fact is you don't get the same User Experience on an Android App as you do an iPhone App and that is WRONG.
So, my decision has been to be mobile ready but utilise HTML5 and the faster speeds available on mobile networks. At least this an open standard.
I find some irony in the fact that Adobe Flash was never allowed on iOS due to lack of open standards, yet Steve Jobs still gave us the App with closed standards.
Anyway, the next time you are prompted to install an App just to be able to access something, view data or post a comment, stop and rethink why should you.
why responsive trumps anything Apple could come up with
Yours Truly,
Dan Skill
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