This is what Hungry Jacks Wyoming NSW really think about their customers

On a wednesday night around 8:30pm I ordered a Classic Angus Meal, I got home only to find they had given me the wrong burger, im allergic to bacon and pork related products and this burger had bacon on it.
Not once through drive thru was the order repeated back to me, and this same problem happened to me just one month prior where a manager said they take this serious and will call me back.
I called them at around 8:45pm and asked to speak to the manager, I advised that I was allergic to bacon and could not eat this burger.
They offered me a "FREE" burger with no apology. Blaming me saying I did not listen when the order was repeated. The order was never repeated. Lucky for me, I have the order recorded on video too.
The reality is it IS NOT a free burger as the one I had was going straight to the bin, nothing I could do with it and I did not get what I paid for. You will here in the video that the supervisors attitude is that I should be greatful im getting a free burger.
I said I don't want a free burger, I want to speak to a higher manager who is actually going to do something about it.
In the audio you can here how she lied and made out that I said "I don't want a burger but want something else."
In fact im not coming back to hungry jacks ever. I want the problem fixed and to make sure staff actually do their job.
I called back a second time to simply get the manager on duties name, i was put on hold but not properly, and this is the conversation that was recorded. She contacted her manager to cover herself.
Correction: On the 10/02/2016 we published that the Hungry Jacks manager in question was Ashley Fairburn, this is incorrect. In fact Ashley Fairburn was not present on the night of this incident.
Update 12/02/2016:
Hungry Jacks Customer Care and Head Office have jumped on the issue and taken it seriously. They are committed to fixing issues like this and regret that anyone should have to go through this.
The reason for rejecting the managers initial "Sorry, free burger" is because it does not solve the actual ongoing problem. I wanted managers that care enough, to do something to change the way things are done. Why would I want a free burger and have to complain each month, it is frustrating. Especially when I start work at 6am and got home near 9pm no time for lunch etc. Only to get home to find that what I purchased I could not eat. I'd then be stuck either ordering Pizza and waiting another 45 minutes or finding something in the freezer.
Date Published: 10/02/2016
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