The Truth About the Sydney Seige
Tony Abbott on the Sydney Seige
I sat here and promised myself not to write an article on yesterdays events of the "Sydney Seige". But I looked around at the people on the train this morning and there is an unusual lul and quiteness.
A guy reading the Daily Telegraph with the front page splattered with "Terrorist seizes Martin Place cafe", "Takes upto 20 hostages, 5 escape", "Gunman on bail over murder"
Most of us know that it's a majorty of lies that are printed in today's paper, it's like playing where's wally, the only difference is that you have to spot the truth.
Today's paper is fear mongering and it has a lot to do with distracting us from the Abbott Governments latest budget which places Australia in a 40.9bn debt.
Have you noticed how the budget has not had one bit of coverage, it's been white washed with the "Sydney Seige".
There is further evidence that supports the fact that the Australian Police actually had a practice run of this on a fake cafe 6 weeks ago. Now that's a coincidence.
The flag that was displayed in the window was labelled a "false flag" the perpetrators of the seige aimed to do damage to the islamic community and this reflects badly on Muslims all across Australia.
I really feel for Muslims, a few bad does not mean all are bad. I hope Australian's realise this and stop directing unwanted hate to the wrong people. In fact Islam is a peaceful religion and teaches tolerance.
There's been a few bad in every religion. The Christian's had the KKK, Catholics have priests that molest boys. But you don't see anyone harassing a Christian for the existance of the KKK.
The truth of the matter is that people fear what they don't understand, and a lot of people are ignorant and don't want to understand. They get funny ideas when they see people wearing a hijab beause it's unconventional to them. But not to others who do understand.
The reality is that Muslims are just people of another religion, just like Catholics, Christians, Jehovas Witness, Seventh Day Adventists and so on.
Australian's need to learn to accept our Muslim community and embrace them.
In saying that, the extreme Islamists better wake up and realise that we are a free country with a choice in what religion we embrace and we will not be forced to be anything that we do not want to be.
As Australian's we need to take back our rights from the Government and reinforce our freedom of choice. Not be lied to, beaten and treated like crap by Police. Be aware of what is in our food and in our water. A freedom of movement, to drive without being restricted by a license, registration and insurance.
These are all restrictions that have been placed on us Australian's over time. Let's Take Back Australia.
Date Published: 16/12/2014
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