Ten Reasons Why You Shouldn't Use Gumtree to Rideshare.

10 reasons you should not use gumtree to rideshare

So you're looking to find someone to rideshare with, it doesn't matter if you are the driver looking for a partner or you are looking for someone with a car. It's hard to find the right person and a person that you can trust.
Gumtree's trading post style of finding a rideshare partner leaves a lot to be desired, if we think back to how personals were done in the 80's and 90's it seriously lacks security and it's highly limited in what a person can post, not to mention that the content is not searchable.
The mid 90's saw the rise of dating sites and that's exactly where the carpooling industry is at now. Gone are the days of a trading post style ad saying "im driving from sydney to melbourne on the 21st of this month" or better still seeing "Wanted:Luisa May" and having to read their entire life story just to work out where they are departing from and when.
The first thing people want to search for is the date that the rideshare is available, you can't do this on a trading post style ad and certainly not when they simply enter "21st of this month". Suddenly we are looking for the context of when the ad was posted.
The second thing people want to know is if you are driving or looking for someone with a car.
The third thing people want to know is are you female or male, some people prefer the company of the same sex or opposite sex and trolling through all ad's just to find the first three criteria is a nightmare. It just doesn't work.
So here are our top 10 reasons to avoid posting rideshare's on Gumtree:

  1. You cannot narrow down your search based on departure location, departure date, and gender of the person ride sharing or offering a lift.

  2. You don't actually know who you are travelling with, there is no feedback or rating from others who may have rideshared with this person before and you cannot see their friend's network.

  3. You cannot see who else you may be travelling with if the driver has offered multiple seats for the rideshare

  4. You cannot run a check on the number plates and see if the car is correctly registered and cannot see what vehicle you are going in and its colour.

  5. There is no trip management centre or calendar to remind you of the up and coming rideshare.

  6. If you have a bad experience there is nowhere to leave feedback making others aware of your experience, and you cannot easily report an issue you encountered about the person.
    LifeSocial takes complaints serious and we will ban people from the site and our logic will alert us if someone with similar details is added ever again.

  7. There is no such thing as driver alerts on Gumtree.
    LifeSocial's driver alerts does the finding for you. Drivers can be notified of someone looking for a lift that is in the drivers selected area's. The driver simply makes contact, accepts the trip and a way we go.

  8. You cannot create an itinerary and share it with friends and family.
    LifeSocial's latest feature enables people to create itinerary's with stop off's, rideshare users can join or exit the trip at any of these stop offs.

  9. If a rideshare user cancel's a trip with you, your ad will not automatically be displayed again for you helping you to find someone before the trip.
    With LifeSocial, if a rideshare user cancels a trip with you the trip becomes available again and people can continue to enquire.

  10. You won't have to put up with annoying and meaningless acronyms and text when using LifeSocial.
    Wanted:PU lift 4-1 Fri Jun 13 Payu $190 Morisset 2Byron Bay by Mon 16
    Wanted:Luisa May
    Wanted: Travel buddy
It's well worth checking out LifeSocial Rideshare, It's Free, Quick and Easy. Adding a trip doesn't actually take any longer than it would on Gumtree and yet there are so many benefits that come along with it.
It's all about using the right tool for the Job.
Date Published: 23/07/2015
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