Sydney Trains to take responsibility for late running services.
Sydney Trains need to take responsibility for late running services.
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For far too long we have all put up with Sydney Trains terrible excuses for the trains being late, they don't actually take responsibility and they don't really care. It's kind of yeh not much we can do, all trains are late.
When asked what the problem is they tell you things like "ohh signal problems" but who's fault is that? not our's it's Sydney Trains fault for not maintaining the signal boxes to ensure reliable train services.
The Daily Telegraph recently reported that North Shore trains alone have been recorded running late more times in April 2015 than any other month in almost 10 years. So we know the service is not getting any better and now is the time to act.
On Friday 24th July a train due to leave Central Station at 6:15pm departed at 6:50pm with little more than an empty "we apologise for the delay". The fault "signal boxes failed"
So who now foots the bill that a person is late to a meeting? Missed the start of a concert, missed their reservation, missed time away from family or the kids already being a sleep the time that you now get home.
We need to give Sydney Trains a reason to ensure trains are on time, they are quite happy to fine us when we do something wrong.
The Objective
For the public to have the ability to seek reimbursement or part reimbursement of a fare when a train is running late to the destination on the ticket when intending to travel due to an issue that is under Sydney Trains control.
Additional to this, If trains are too hot in Summer due to a lack of air conditioning then these trains should not be run. The safety and comfort of passengers should be put first.
What we need
We need 10,000 signatures or more. We will drive this home hard to Sydney Trains, Local MP's and the Minister for Transport Andrew Constance.
We are demanding a response and action, not just a maybe.
Thank you Sydney.
Delays that are under Sydney Trains control

  1. Signal Issues and failures

  2. Train break downs

  3. Track issues

  4. Slow train ahead

  5. Driver running late

  6. Cannot find a guard to operate doors

  7. Overhead wiring issues
Delays that are not under Sydney Trains control

  1. Medical Emergencies

  2. Someone on the tracks

  3. Adverse weather, and more than a bit of rain
Sydney Trains to take responsibility for late running services.
Sydney trains running late recorded more times in April this year than any other month in almost 10 years.
Date Published: 03/08/2015
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