Sydney Trains Pricing Error.
It comes as little surprise that Sydney Trains have made a glaring mistake with pricing, despite the fact that Sydney Trains deny the error.
Currently customers pay $8.00 for a 2.2km ride (Musuem Station to Central Station Return Ticket), the same as a 78km ride (Central Station to Gosford Single Ticket)
Pricing is clearly way off and customers doing the short trip are simply getting ripped off.
We spoke to Sydney Trains staff who responded with "Yeh, and it's still the cheapest way to travel."
I had to laugh, anyone thinking that $17.60 was the cheapest way to Sydney from the Central Coast is probably not aware of Ridesharing. Someone Ridesharing from the Central Coast to Sydney is likely to pay $6 each way.
Despite Ridesharing being the more efficient and cheaper way to travel, it still does not fix how Sydney Trains customers are being ripped off.
We've called for a review and explanation of the prices being charged. The Sydney Trains fare calculator is also incorrectly showing pricing.
For now see the article How To Dodge Fares When Using Public Transport, they deserve it!
Sydney Trains Ticket Inspectors Stealing from Passengers
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Date Published: 06/02/2015
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