Staying Safe While Travelling
Staying Safe While Travelling
At Life Social, we are big proponents of ensuring that when you ride share, you are going to be doing it as safely as possible. If you ride share through our website, you can be positive that you are only sharing with the most trusted people out there. What if you are travelling away from your standard commute? Well, you need to think about other ways in which you can be safe. Thankfully, we have got you covered.
Tell people where you are going
It is important that you always tell people where you are travelling to. If you are travelling overseas for long periods of time, then try to hand your itinerary off to the people you know. If there are any sort-of changes to your itineStarary while you are travelling, then you absolutely need to tell people about them.
Don't travel about with valuables on show
This is so important, particularly if you are staying in a youth hostel or something similar to that. We all need a bit of down time on occasion. Some people will use it to browse social media sites like Facebook or YouTube. Others may even use it to browse sites with more of an adult entertainment slant like YouPorn or Mr. Porn Geek (we know it happens, so why hide it?), and others may just browse the web in general. This means you are going to need to have a computer. If you do have one, or a smartphone, then make sure that when you are done using it, it is safely locked away. This is the sort of valuable item that people would love to get their hands on, so if you aren't careful, it is going to disappear.

If you are walking around at night outside, then try to make sure that you are not walking about with your phone out.
When walking around
When you are walking around in towns and cities, always make sure that you stick to the heaviest lit areas out there. Just because an alleyway looks like a good short cut does not mean that it is a road that you should really be travelling down. The majority of 'muggings' and the like tend to happen in these alleyways. If you are in a well-lit area, chances are that people are not even going to risk approaching you, let alone risk committing a crime.
Date Published: 21/12/2018
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