Ridesharing to Work: Benefiting Employees and Employers.
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Commuting to and from work is one of the most time consuming, expensive aspects of a worker's life, but with LifeSocial employees and the enterprises and organizations they work for can help to diminish costs, stress, and time in traffic, all while reducing the impact commuting has on the environment!
Ridesharing offers all of the same benefits of mass transportation without the stringent schedule and crowding, allowing people in and outside of Australian cities to cut down their commuting time and costs. Ridesharing reduces the amount of cars on the road at any given time, dramatically improving traffic; on an individual basis, it allows you to take advantage of transit lanes dedicated to car-poolers, so you can buzz right by stand-still traffic. It also eliminates the need for an extra vehicle, dramatically cuts monthly fuel costs and limits the amount of wear-and-tear on your vehicle, saving you money on servicing and repairs. For the individual, ridesharing is a win-win solution!
But it's also beneficial to the companies that arrange ridesharing networks and teams. With fewer cars making their way to the building, employers can make best use of employee parking. Ridesharing also tends to foster a better team environment all while reducing individual employee stress, maximizing productivity and the company's bottom line.
With LifeSocial, taking advantage of these benefits is easier than ever. Rather than hopping into a carpool that has to head all over the city, employees in the same company can set up teams based on where they live, streamlining the ridesharing process and increasing the time- and money-saving benefits. The organization or individual employees can sign up and work together to set up and manage teams.
Smaller organizations with offices or worksites in the same area can also team up to create a ridesharing program, allowing employees working in the same area to team up and save on their commuting time and costs. Just connect with organizations in your area and build teams based on where employees live!
From here, use office email, staff meetings and team-building activities to promote the trips and reap the rewards. Whether you're an individual looking to connect with co-workers or people commuting to the same area as you or an organization trying to streamline the commuting process to better support your employees and improve morale and productivity, LifeSocial makes ridesharing a simple, flexible, beneficial solution for everyone.
It's well worth checking out LifeSocial Carpooling, It's Free, Quick and Easy. Adding a trip doesn't actually take any longer than it would on Gumtree and yet there are so many benefits that come along with it.
It's all about using the right tool for the Job.
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