Ridesharing: The Modern, More Effective Form of Hitchhiking.
My boss recently referred to Ridesharing as modern day hitch hiking, so this one's for him.
Since the 1920s when mass production made cars affordable for the average person, people all over the world quickly built their lives around having an automobile. And despite the invention's relative newness, a certain set of social standards and norms have been created around the use of cars; one of the most notorious of these is hitchhiking.
Whether you find yourself without a car at home or stranded, standing on the side of the road with your thumb up is the international signal for needing a ride; i.e., hitch hiking. And while countless individuals have safely made a journey in this manner, it is not only unsafe but also the most inefficient means of using ridesharing to minimize costs, your environmental impact and save time on your daily commute.
Naysayers may equate rideshare programs to sauntering down the road while trying to flag by any passing car, but the only thing the two have in common is the sharing of a vehicle. Rideshare programs allow you to preview and talk with potential rideshare partners before you hit the road, preventing you from hours of standing by waiting for a stranger to take a chance and dramatically eliminating the risk that you'll end up sharing a car with someone with less than stellar intentions.
LifeSocial provides an easy-to-use-platform that modernises hitch hiking, infusing this time-tested means of seeing the world with the safety and security you want and need. Although a favourite for commuters looking to carpool, LifeSocial is also a backpacker's delight; helping like-minded people with similar destinations connect and pool their resources so they can get the most out of their trips. When you punch in your departure and destination, LifeSocial provides a list of users who have similar starting and ending points. You can then read through any user-generated ratings, verify that the car in question is registered and insured and even find users with optional police verifications. At LifeSocial, safety and security are our top priority.
Once you've found the best person or people to rideshare with, you can get to know them through our chat feature or messaging options and go from there. When it comes time to embark on your latest adventure, you already "know" the people you'll be ridesharing with and be sure that your preferences and goals match, allowing for the best chance at an enjoyable, safe and secure trip.
This modern way to hitch hike is a backpacker's delight, a budget-conscious vacationer's dream and a new, updated way to get a ride without taking risking safety and security. Join LifeSocial today!
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Date Published: 14/08/2014
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