Please don't confuse ride-sharing with Uber's Taxi Service.
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There seems to be some confusion behind what actual ride-sharing is and what Ubers offering is, which is more like a Taxi Service.
Wikipedia refers to ride-sharing as "a service that arranges one-time shared rides on very short notice" or "the sharing of car journeys so that more than one person travels in a car."
The problem comes down to the way that these so called ride-sharing services carry out their offering.
If the driver was not already intending on going to that location or near that location then it is not a ride-share, it's a taxi service being provided as the driver has taxied the passenger to his location for financial return.
Where these so called ride-sharing apps go wrong is..
  • They go out of their way to advertise for drivers telling them that they can make money driving people.
  • The driver of the vehicle is not actually going to the same or similiar location - so infact the ride was not shared at all.
  • Drivers are alerted of the trip, distance, and amount the trip is worth, the driver takes the trip based on financial return, not the fact that the driver happened to be going in a similar direction.
Uber's offering is embarrassing to true ride-sharing service providers such as LifeSocial Carpooling and and what's worse is that Uber continues to pay no attention to Government and current legislation which requires services such as Uber to have licensed vehicles and drivers as they are blantantly taxiing passengers from one location to another.
It's little wonder why licensed taxi's are so angry about Uber and other so called ride-sharing services.
Taxi's actually pay out hefty amount's for licensing each year to be able to legally taxi people for financial return, Uber's taking a free ride on the back of traditional taxi services.
Uber's so called "cheaper rates over regular cabs" is purely because Uber avoid's paying license fees for vehicles and licensed drivers.
As for the support from both drivers and riders being stronger than ever before for Uber's services, who doesn't want a free lunch.
Truth is when Uber starts paying licensing fee's and has to align pricing accordingly, the same support will not exist. If Uber wants to change the game, at least play by the rules.
Until then check out LifeSocial Carpooling - And Change The Way You Travel (LEGALLY).
Ride-sharing is not banned - but Uber's Taxi Service is.
Date Published: 28/07/2014
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