Opal Ticket System As Reliable As NSW Trains.
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"It's time for NSW to Tap Off and find a new system that will work."
It's great to see that the NSW Government has realised some alignment. The Opal Ticketing System is actually inline with the reliability of NSW Trains, that means it's terrible.
People who rely on public transport have now got a lot more to be concerned about and it's not just recharging you need to be worried about, being over charged, an Opal glitch where your ticket won't work despite having credit on the card and the Opal gates simply not opening.
Recharging an Opal Card is a joke. Hmm should I recharge my Opal card using the Top Up machine that has a sign on it that says "Out of Order, Pay at Destination" or should I approach the nearest News Agent who rudely told me "can't you read, we take Cash only for Opal top up". This is exactly what happened to me this morning. No where to top up and I could not get inside the gates to take a trip and "Pay at Destination".
Mind you we've had conversations with Ticket Inspectors who say that putting a sign up saying "Out of Order, Pay at Destination" is not the correct procedure and that there are other ways of topping up before travelling and then they attempt to fine you for not having a ticket. Which is equally wrong.
I think NSW Trains need to wake up and realise they exist for the convenience of the public. It's not convenient when I need to get to work early only to be screwed around by a Failed Opal Ticket System and NSW Trains who cannot sell me a one off ticket.
The NSW Government have alienated Interstate and Overseas travellers, effectively it's the same as coming to a new community only to find that they use their own currency and no one is there to help you work it out. No Interstate or Overseas traveller should have to buy an Opal Card just because they cannot get the One off trip ticket to work.
No the answer does not lie within Registering my Opal card so I can recharge anywhere. There are plenty of people who wish to not part with their information, nor do they want people being able to see what there travel log looks like and this should be respected.
Queues to recharge on the Opal Ticket System are longer than before, and to add to the frustration there are machines that say they are functioning but infact are not.
So far the Opal Top Up machine at Gosford station has been "Out of Order" for 7 days. The Museum Station Top Up Machine has been "Out of Order" once a week. Two Top Up machines at Central have been out of order and Townhall Station on Friday evening peak hour was left with 1 functioning Top Up machine to handle thousands of people. Nearby retailer Woolworths has setup a stand allowing people to Top Up through them to help alleviate the usual Opal Failures.
The Opal Ticketing System is a failure but the Government see some sense in dragging around a dead dog, or are trying to not admit to the $1.2 Billion screw up.
Dan Skill IT Expert says "It's time for NSW to Tap Off and find a new system that will work."
Date Published: 15/08/2016
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