Meet SydTaxi: The cheapest way to ride sydney taxis, even cheaper than Uber
Move aside Uber, SydTaxi by LifeSocial has truely got Sydney and the Central Coast covered for all occasions. You simply book online and minutes later a driver will contact you confirming your booking and an estimated arrival time.
Sydney's "regular old taxi" and "UberTaxi" just got way better.
While Uber just introduced a cheaper pricing, it's something we've had all along. Infact we went one better and we offer flat rate pricing so it takes away the confusion of exactly how much you will be paying.
Our flat rate is 40% cheaper than the tradition day time taxi, this means that we are 58% cheaper than a traditional taxi at night rate.
We are constantly innovating our platform and making things better for travellers.
LifeSocial was founded in 2010 and now operates Ridesharing, Free One Way Car Hire and Taxi services between Sydney and the Central Coast.
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*Traditional taxi networks (e.g. Taxis Combined) add a $2.40 network booking fee, whereas SydTaxi trips attract only a $2.00 SydTaxi Service Fee. There is no 10% CabCharge service fee on SydTaxi trips, so all of your SydTaxi fares are immediately 10% cheaper. We have a flat rate so while Taxis Combined maybe in peak rates you are saving even more with SydTaxi. There are hundreds of taxis using the SydTaxi system, but availability may still be limited.
Date Published: 18/12/2014
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