How LifeSocial Rideshare Are Creating a Safe Community for Ridesharers.
LifeSocial Rideshare Nation Police Check Verification.

LifeSocial have always taken safety seriously, 2 years ago when the the platform was designed you could upload a National Police Check and then be verified by LifeSocial Rideshare.
As of the 1st March 2015 we've made this more visible, you will now see a red 'Verified' stamp on profiles and when viewing trips for people who have passed the Safety Check.
The changes don't end there, we're no longer solely reliant on the National Police Check. We rely on numerous sources even friends in your network to vouch for your nature. We've also added the ability to link to the persons facebook page.
We recognise that Police records are fairly inaccurate at times, we've known people of an undesirable nature that we would not include on LifeSocial yet their National Police Check made them look Okay.
CEO Dan Skill said "It is concerning that the Police these days are more interested in revenue raising then helping people. Our national system of people records is that inaccurate with many holes in the information that the National Police Check is practically useless. People should save their money. Besides that we don't actually care what the Police think, we want to know what the Public think. Police Checks are largely based on Police opinion and interpretation.
Additional to this, Convicted criminals, including several murderers, rapists, fraudsters and a child abuser, are dodging police checks by changing their names after leaving prison. Police have not been notified of the name changes, rendering criminal history checks useless and allowing past crimes to go undetected."
Here is how some of the changes look.
LifeSocial Rideshare Safety Check Verification.
LifeSocial Rideshare Safety Check Verification.
Date Published: 02/03/2015
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