Here is how Sydney Trains Ticket Inspectors lie to you just to raise revenue
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On Wednesday the 22nd February 2016, I had travelled from Museum Station to Gosford Station.
Upon entering museum station I noticed that:
1. the ticket machine was not functioning
2. the ticket windows were closed as maintenance is being carried out
3. I do not yet have an Opal card
I discussed with a Sydney Train staff member on the concourse, who advised me to go through the open gates and purchase a ticket at my DESTINATION.
I further followed this up that the Sydney trains website states the following: If you do not have an Opal Card and both the station ticket office and ticket vending machines are closed, you can buy a ticket at your destination.
Another page states You need to have a ticket or pass before boarding a train If the station ticket office and ticket vending machines are closed or not available, you need to buy a ticket when you reach your destination.
When I arrived at Gosford Station I was stopped by ticket inspectors. I advised the ticket inspector of the situation.
The ticket inspector then contacted someone to confirm that museum station did in fact not have an operational ticket machine. This was confirmed that yes it did have a fault at the time.
I then advised the ticket inspector that I was well within my rights to purchase a ticket at my destination, being advised by station staff, and the website.
The ticket inspector then argued what was the definition of my destination, and that I should have exited at Central Station to purchase a ticket.
The definition of destination is the dictionary definition: the place to which a person or thing travels or is sent
Having a look at my identification gives a quick indication that I live in Gosford, and when I say im going home, that would be my destination.
My rights have been denied, all ticket inspectors who carry out such lies should be ashamed of themselves. Not only did I have to take a day off work losing more than $200, you have caused me inconvenience. Some say it's cheaper to pay the ticket. But how will you learn a lesson if I let you get away with this criminal act.
Eat Shit Dickheads (Sydney Trains). Im coming for you!
Sydney Trains Ticket Inspectors Lie and Revenue Raising
Sydney Trains Ticket Machine being fixed at museum station
Sydney Trains Museum station being upgraded means no ticket window sales
Update on 02/03/2016: A few days later Sydney Trains send a message to me promising to review the fine and to get back to me. They know this is not right.
Sydney Trains write apology and promise to look review the fine.
Date Published: 29/02/2016
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