Gosford Train Station Staff Must Be Morons
Sydney Train network needs smarter management teams who care about customers

It's not often that I take the time out to actually write an article on people's moronic behaviour, but this one took the cake for me and demonstrates people's inability to think outside of the square.

Wednesday morning 16/11/2016 7:25am hundreds of people are on Gosford Station waiting for their train to arrive. In the background is a faulty PA System blaring out a high pitched hum on all platforms, to the point people cannot hear each other properly.

To my surprise, 10 minutes later nothing had been done to shut down the PA system, staff were attempting to still use it to make annoucements. Since my train was due to depart I jumped on the phone and called Gosford Station on 02 4349 9260. No one answered. So I tried again, finally someone answered (probably couldn't hear the phone over the hum of the PA System).

"Hi, im at Gosford train station and calling about your faulty PA System blaring out noise". A quick response from the train staff member said "Mate, it's already been reported". I advised that the issue being reported is only the first step, the next step and right thing to do is to shut down the Amplifier and stop the blaring hum. The train staff member hung up.

So not only rude and ignorant, but a stupid staff member who couldn't think for himself. It really doesn't take a rocket scientist to think to shut down the noise and have some consideration for your customers, who in fact pay your wages.

This is not the first time that Sydney Trains or the Gosford staffed train station have had a lack of respect for customers. We've witnessed Train Guards tell customers to shut up and stop complaining when trains we're running more than 2 hours late.

The Sydney Train network needs better and smarter management teams who care about customers. I can tell you now, that if I took over management of Trains, I'd start by firing a lot of people. Too many have been there for too long and are a little too comfortable and stale in their jobs.

They think that customers are the cockroaches, but their wrong. It's time to exterminate some train staff.