From Consumerism to the Sharing Economy.
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Over the last 30 years we've been taught to become a consumerist society, we're made to believe it's ok to throw away and buy another. We no longer bother with repairs, some products are designed to be throw away, warrantys become a replacement not a repair job. Yesterdays technology is stored in our garage, bedroom or the local Storage King and we rush out to buy the latest.
TV's that used to last 30 years now last 5. The latest Suzuki or Hyundai vehicles are just throw aways, you are not likely to get 20 years out of them and we've come to accept that as normal.
We never stop to ask ourselves if the current device we have does everything we need it to. Is it just marketing hype making us believe we must have the latest?
Everything from mobile phones to tv's and cars are now consumer products, and we're accumulating at a phenominal rate.
So much that we're now paying for it, consumerism has given way to new business such as temporary storage, the environment is paying for it with increased pollution and disposal of unwanted products. It has also seen the closure of many repair shops. We're constantly spending our money all just to keep up with the jones'.
Amoungst this is an emerging market that says 'since we own so much that we are not using, why not share this with others'. This movement is not limited to Ridesharing / Carpooling. We have seen great examples with AirBnB where people rent out their home for a few nights to a few months and even people renting their neighbours vehicle when it is not in use.
The sharing econonmy will eventually expand into sharing all types of products. The next time you need a chainsaw for a day or two to cut down a tree, don't be suprised if you find yourself hiring it from someone else not too far away from you.
The Sharing Economy is booming because the concept makes sense to the 'most of us', and funny enough most of us are ok with sharing other peoples products and doing away with the need for ownership.
In a consumerist society we waste a lot. Each time you drive alone, the empty seats in your car go to waste. There are 16.9 million vehicles registered in Australia and every car that's driving down a road or highway has an average of 3.75 empty seats.
If we then multiple this by the 252,453 million kilometres travelled in Australia a year and factor in the average cost of $8000 to own a car and not to mention the 30,945 million litres of fuel consumed it all becomes obvious that ridesharing can help reduce a lot of this.
Driving alone is like smoking. People get into the habit of doing it at a young age and simply can't stop. They may suffer nasty side effects such as huge costs, sitting alone in traffic, or stress during long commutes but can't seem to see a solution to their misery! Meanwhile, those who don't have a car are always looking for a lift.
Technology has finally enabled the ridesharing revolution to take off. With smartphones, people can now offer or book seats on-the-go. With user profiles and LifeSocial Rideshares social network, people can get to know each other online before meeting en route.
So I am calling all the people who already carpool "21st century style" to speak up and share their stories of cheap, convenient, happy, comfortable transportation. Please show and tell the world about how great ridesharing can be.
Welcome to the Peer-to-Peer Sharing Economy and a World of Infinite Possibilities
Now you can sell empty seats and reduce your car ownership costs by 75%. You can have access to millions of individual, affordable ride options. Carpooling and ridesharing is a real opportunity to celebrate equity and diversity, and to establish real human relationships.
Visit and get sharing today.
Date Published: 30/03/2015
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