Dominos Pizza - Serious Flaws in their Technology.
Dominos Pizza Technology Flawed
Dominos Pizza
Domino's maybe seen as a technology company these days that happens to make pizza. They are certainly trail blazing the competition in this area, however Domino's lack some of the very basics.
Domino's maybe talking about using Google Glass in stores to see what pizza's are coming up, but if your technology does not allow you to get the pizza right in the first place why bother.
The issue actually goes a little further and there's a systematic problem with the good old pizza cutter too.
Im currently having conversations with Domino's Australia in regards to some seriously flawed areas in the ordering process.
Here are some of the common problem areas
  1. In all of the Domino's apps it's not possible to enter any allergy notes or food requests (this is a serious problem) it's important that these notes are seen at the time of making the order.
  2. It's not easy to change the sauce on a pizza
  3. The only notes that staff see are delivery instructions after the pizza has been made
Technology a side, the pizza cutters used traul through hundreds of pizza's a night, the problem lies in cross contamination and what it means for consumers who are sensitive to certain foods.
A vegetarian pizza is cut with the same pizza cutter as one used for meat, this is serious for people who have allergic reactions to prawns or pork related products.
I recently ordered a few pizza's from Dominos, not one had any pork related meat. When the pizza's arrived I noticed 3 pieces of Bacon on the Cheese Pizza. Seriously, the pizza was only meant to have cheese and tomatoe base and it's not as easy as just taking the Bacon off and continuing as my friend has an allergic reaction where her throat swells up and she can stop breathing.
Domino's only response so far has been "We cannot guarantee that a pizza will not be free of what you did not order" it's a joke right, irresponsible. Fine print will not save them.
In commercial kitchens it's common to use different coloured chopping boards for different meats. Domino's probably need colour coded pizza cutters.
Date Published: 16/01/2015
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