CityRail Poses Health Risk to Customers
Puppies In Car
We're not even into the winter season and CityRail have already started heating carriages.
We might sit there imagining getting snugg and warm while travelling to work on a cold morning, but for some it's what they fear the most.
Social Analyst Juso Sandberg has said "It's an old practice that CityRail needs to stop very quickly. There are serious health issues behind having carriages heated to what they THINK should be right."
The first issue is the comfort of customers, not everyone is cold. By heating the carriages your making these people bothered and sick, they simply can't take off clothing to cool down. The people who are cold can simply put a jumper on and warm up.
On friday evening 4th April 2014 around 7:30pm customers on numerous carriages were dripping with sweat because of the heated carriages, others were taking garmets off. Monday the 7th April 2014 we're seeing CityRail do the same thing, heating carriages. I personally have had to exit a train at a station we stopped at just to throw up, missed the train and had to catch the next train.
The second issue is that warmth multiples bacteria faster, so not only should we be concerned about bacteria on the seats, poles and door handles, we also have to be weary of the common cold and flu that is running rampant at the moment and the fact that since bacteria is multiplying faster, we are more likely to get a cold or flu from the person next to us who has sniffles.
We are asking people to come forward and present their experiences with CityRails heated carriages. Enough people and Class Action will be taken against CityRail.
Undeniably Im feeling sick right now sitting on a heated carriage.
Pictured above is an orange ice block melting after 5 minutes and 38 seconds on a CityRail Train.
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