Changing With the Times: Australia's Traveling Culture.

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Australians are known for their love of travel, whether hopping a flight to the other side of the globe or enjoying a long weekend closer to home. 2010 to 2011 saw the peak of this trend, with a near 20-percent growth in travel. Yet that number is on a steady decline, especially in the 25 to 49 age group, arguably the most likely demographic to take regular vacations.
Why is this happening? Money is the driving factor. The Australian dollar is on the decline, making foreign travel more expensive than ever. This, coupled with the rising costs of fuel, food and hotels, budget-friendly traveling is of primary concern, and ultimately the top priority. But the big spenders are still out there; in fact, Australians are the second highest-spending travellers in the world, averaging close to $4,000 per overseas trip, which is nearly double the world average. They're just fewer and farther between.
So what's everyone else up to? They're going with the flow, adjusting their travel habits and cultures to work with the current dips. One of the most promising means of budget-friendly travelling is making its way to the top of Australia travel tips lists: using carpooling, ridesharing and car relocation services to explore without breaking the bank.
Carpooling and ridesharing dramatically reduce the cost of travelling by car, pairing up two or more people with a similar destination to cut fuel costs, typically by 50-percent or more! When you're interested in ridesharing and carpooling, one of the best Australia travel tips is to go through a ridesharing company such as Life Social. Rather than limit yourself to your group of friends or family, our system lets you evaluate and get in contact with anyone in your area intending to make a similar trip.
And when you need a nearly-free rental car for your upcoming vacation, our car relocation service fits the bill. For as little as $5 per day, you can find a person in your area that needs to move a car to your destination of choice, and relocate the car for them. When coupled with the amazing travel expense benefits, including fuel costs and an incidental allowance, this is one of the cheapest ways to take your next trip.
Yes, the culture of travelling is changing in Australia, with people choosing to explore their home country rather than hop on a plane to another. But the shift in culture goes deeper than that: Australians are forgoing traditional vacation transportation options and embracing a new system that allows people to work together and create customized solutions to their travelling needs.
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Australia's changing travel culture
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Date Published: 27/08/2014
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