Central Coast Taxis rated NSW worst service.
Central Coast Taxis rated NSW worst service.

A recent user survey has indicated that not only do coasties dislike the Central Coast Taxis service, in fact their taxi service is rated one of the worst in NSW in terms of service, professionalism and honesty.
We sent out everyday people to utilise taxi services in various areas across NSW and surveyed over 4000 people. The news of the poor popularity and service provided by some taxi companies doesn't come at a great time when the taxi industry is still trying to validate their existance against the likes of Uber, LifeSocial Rideshare and other players in the market.
At this point, it's a wonder taxi services are still in business. Of all the customer-oriented industries out there, taxis seem to be the one that take the worst care of their guests.
Dan Skill from LifeSocial Rideshare says "it does not come as a surprise, most taxi service providers have been doing it for 20 odd years and are comfortable in their job. It's a bad thing when you also take into consideration their previous monopoly. They tend to carry an attitude of don't like it find another way other than a taxi. I have seen first hand taxi drivers all bandi together and support each other."
What you may find surprising is that the most racist and disgruntled of taxi drivers were in fact over 30 years of age and white Australian. With the best service coming from majority Indian and Asian drivers.
With more competition around to get a person to their destination you would think that more effort and energy would go into making the traditional taxi service better, instead they waste their time and energy on disruptive protests that do not benefit anyone.
One thing we do have to ask is what happened to Safety and Politeness.
If you've jumped in a Central Coast Taxi before, you've probably sat in the back clutching the door handle and sweating bullets while the driver attempted to go as fast and break as many traffic laws as possible. And we won't even get into the rudeness - fact is service providers should never boss around a customer, yet taxi services tend to think otherwise.
I personally remember taking a taxi home one night, arrived at my destination and could not find my credit card anywhere. With in 30 seconds of not finding my card the driver started yelling at me, threatening to take me to the police station, getting upset because he had to wait while I found my card. There was no rational to solve the issue.
Approximately 2 minutes later I found my card, and handed it to the driver to pay, while the driver shut up, he did not apologise for wrongly accusing me, yelling at me or anything like that. This is completely unacceptable behaviour and customers should no longer tolerate this garbage.
Ridesharing avoids the hassels, you can quickly find out if your potential driving buddy has any personality quirks you might find annoying, rather than being stuck with a driver you know nothing about.
And most importantly start avoiding Taxis that charge an astronomical fee per kilometer, taxi's tend to tack on as many extras as they possibly can. They know that you need to get to where you're going, and they use supply and demand to their full advantage.
We asked people from the Central Coast what their experience was like with "Central Coast Taxis" they had the following to say:
Renee from Central Coast, NSW
I called a taxis for myself and 20 minutes after calling I rang to see where it was to be told it came and left. I replied saying I did not receive the text I normally get to say it is 500m away. The girl said rudely, you have to request a text and that I didn't. I replied saying I have never had to requested a text in the past and she said that is how we do it now and I said so that is your new procedure and she said that's how we have always done it. I said no it's not and she said because you work here so you know. I said no I have never had to request a text, I just always get one. She very rudely and half heartily said one will be one its way. As it was on speaker my sister and I did not believe she would send one so why waste my money and time waiting. As it turns out I was home, by walking, before the cab even turned up. terrible service and very rude person.
James from Central Coast, NSW
Can someone please tell me who I report a taxi driver to who has failed to turn on the meter. This has happened to me twice now by Indian drivers. This is not intended a racist complaint or rant, I have never had the problem in the past and these new drivers are undermining the integrity of what has been a good service on the coast. If the drivers are not owners there is a greater likely hood of committing theft to the owner/passenger.
Kelly from Central Coast, NSW
I had a horrible trip in one of their smoke-filled cabs this morning. I was not even asked on the booking call if I wanted a smoke-free taxi. Now I have ahead of me a day with itchy eyes, a sore throat and nausea (which will ease after a few hours) and an outfit that smells like I wiped out an ashtray with it. Absolutely disgusting. TC101 - avoid it if you don't want an addict's filthy smoking habit affecting your day.
Gayle from Central Coast, NSW
Disgraceful incident yesterday where a dear friend of mine who is a socially isolated quadriplegic booked a wheelchair taxi last week to take him to a special Christmas outing with his carer. Surprise surprise the taxi didn't turn up at 11.00am when it was booked despite being booked early in the week, 2 phone calls later (one where the receptionist was very rude) and my client ending up cancelling the call at 1.30pm. SHAME ON YOU CENTRAL COAST TAXIS, you are a disgrace to the disabled community.
Waldo from Central Coast, NSW
Waldo was forced to go half of ONE STAR just as he was almost forced off the road by a Central Coast Taxi. Problem was I had concrete barriers on one side and cars the other. Needless to say the damage would have been significant.
After the near miss with Taxi number 25++, I immediately called the 13 number posted on the side, yes to complain and report the dangerous driving. Taxi 25++ drove away at approx., 70km/h in a 40km zone.
Operator was rude, abruptly hanging up claiming not to take complaints. Calling back I exclaimed I was not complaining yet advising I would be calling Police about a dangerous Taxi driver, driving a Central Coast Cab.
Operator exclaimed Central Coast Taxis had no duty of care to the public and my complaint would not be recorded.... I reminded operator the calls are recorded. Operator again abruptly hung up.
Central Coast Taxis///Couldn't really care less.
Yasu from Central Coast, NSW
Extremely rude operators, bad service. We really need a better taxi company on the coast, the market is ripe for picking even with a mediocre service. Anything is better than them.
Christopher from Central Coast, NSW
My lovely 84 year old Grandmother was shockingly refused by two central Coast taxi drivers, to be taken up a hill that would've been a two minute drive. She has a heart condition and it took her 45 minutes to make it up the hill to Gosford hospital. I can't believe that two taxi drivers thought it wasn't worth to take her two minutes up the massive hill because it would've been too small a fare!! I'm disgusted.
Danny from Central Coast, NSW
I'm in such a great positive mood to go out, and they just take it away in the first 10 seconds of a call. No matter who I speak to from there, I get such a rude response.
They've ruined many nights :( Unfortunately it seems there are no other companies in the district, so I might consider a hire car service as an alternative
Pat from Central Coast, NSW
2.5 hrs wait yesterday and nearly 4 hrs today in heat ...not good enough....$10 in public telephone calls......pick up your game, had to get a passerby to drive us home ...told we were not on the cab list by driver...how come?...i will be using hire cars in future...they are reliable
Jaimee from Central Coast, NSW
On saturday the 2nd march we experienced the worst taxi service any of us have ever had! We called from Narara around 10:30 as my friend has no veranda out the front and it was raining we sat out the backwatching the road. We saw the taxi come about 10 minutes later and by the time we got out the front (about 10 seconds) it drove off, it didn't park out the front, or beep it just came up the street and drove off. We called back and told the staff who answered what had happened and were greeted by a rude staff who informed us that even though it was pouring rain we are to wait out the front for the next taxi. We understand that we missed the first taxi but it did not even stop it clearly did not know which house was number 93 and just left.
So we then sat out the front for about 40 minutes in on and off rain waiting for the next taxi. We called and were told that we would be put as a priority and to stay out the front regardless of rain. We sat out there for another hour In what was now pouring rain with our jackets over our heads we called again and asked if they were able to tell us how long it would be so we could go back inside and we were hung up on. We tried calling back and were told to wait and hung up on again. Angry cold and wet we decided to walk down the road to the next street in the pouring rain which was about a 20 minute walk, to call from a different address in an attempt to get picked up as it was 1am now! We called off a different number to a different address and waited over an hour for another taxi that never came!! We called again and were again greeted by the same rude staff who told us that since a mariners game was on and the Mardi Graz it was very difficult to get a taxi (even though our first taxi came within 10 mins and by 1am the mariners game and crowd was finished!!) also this information that a taxi was hard to get on this particular night would have been useful from the start!
It was now 2am and by this stage it was obviously no use getting to our destination. So we called again and asked to speak to management the staff refused us! So we asked for staff's name would not give it, or any number for identification later and hung up in us. After many years of useing the central coast taxi service company and having good experiences this was horrible. Lately I have been finding it hard to even get a taxi amd ending up having to walk home having empty taxis driving past that wont pick me up because they know it is not a long fair! Since when has the taxi service for people unable to drive become a corporation that doesn't care what happens to the people.
The staff we spoke to were horrible! We waited 4 hours In the rain!! I will never take another Central Coast Taxi again.
Dianne from Central Coast, NSW
Last night @10pm we booked a cab for 8 ladies to go from Bistro Jinja to Mingara & Killarney Vale. At 1am we were stranded in the dark with no security. Your operators continued to dismiss our pleas for help and cancelling original bookings without any notice. It was a disgusting situation and highly dangerous. No cabs arrived at all after 11pm - appalling. Given you have the monopoly in that area I suppose unsurprising. We made copious calls to your office for help and we received a standard quote- we will make this a priority, even after cancelling our original bookings with no notice and all establishments closing around us leaving us unprotected and in the dark.
If it wasnt so dangerous it would have been funny. You should be ashamed to take bookings, tell people to be sure to be waiting and then leave them stranded. No ability to text or call with updates is a disgrace. As mature aged women we will be telling everyone we know about this and will NEVER book your service again.
Ezzell from Central Coast, NSW
Tried to book a cab from Gosford to Sydney and and was made to jump through ridiculous hoops. I was hung up on 4 times by immature staff who couldn't be bothered to help me find a cab. When I finely convinced them to help me out, because there were no other options, they were unable to tell me when the cab would arrive.
I called at least 3 times to check on the status and either they didn't care or just enjoyed playing games with me. I can easily say that the central coast taxi service is the worst taxi service I have ever dealt with.
Central Coast Taxi's Rated NSW Worst Service.
Central Coast Taxis
Date Published: 9/07/2015
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