Carpooling: The Realistic Alternative to Your Daily Commute
Puppies In Car
Ever find yourself eyeballing the lucky cars in the T2 and T3 lanes during your commute to work?
While they're just zipping past traffic as you're stuck at a standstill and burning through fuel at an astronomical rate, it's easy to hold a grudge against those carpooling vehicles. You start thinking that you could possibly join them, loading your car up with puppies to meet the occupancy limit and joining the traffic-free lanes, decreasing your commute to work or beating the other university students to class.
However, there's a very good chance that the police will frown upon a car filled with one human and a bevy of puppies taking up room in the carpool lane. No to mention the difficulty of driving a car filled with rambunctious four legged fur balls intent on nibbling your ears and rummaging through your breakfast leftovers.
The solution is a car share program that hooks you up with other commuters on their way to work, other university students trying to save time and money while finishing their studies, and even people willing to donate their time to prevent drunk driving by hauling you to and from the bar.
And that is exactly what you'll find here. LifeSocial Carpooling puts you in contact with people planning to make the same trip that you are. From everyday commutes to someone to keep you company on your next road trip, car sharing allows you to take advantage of faster travel time, spend less money on fuel, eliminate the chances that you'll have one too many at the local pub and decide that driving home is an excellent idea, and more.
So leave the puppies at home and enter your carpooling information today!
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Question: Does a 15 month old baby count as a passenger?
Yes, a baby is legally considered a person once they are born. So the great news is that parents can also take advantage of T2 and T3 Lanes provided they are carrying their children in the car.