Carpooling: Is It More Effective Than Public Transport
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Public Transport, the Ugly Cousin
I've been reading an article that pushes the point that public transport is more effective than Carpooling. Mind you it's published by an Australia Public Transport Group, so it's a one sided fight. But it made me laugh and realise how very wrong they are.
Their belief that Carpooling is only promoted as a less worse measure than currently what is available is laughable. But on the other hand Public Transport in a majority of places is simply terrible, non existant or over priced.
Public Transport is the Ugly Cousin. Sydney Morning Herald, 21 August 2008 Published:
"Small rise in carpooling would slash emissions"
A MINOR increase in carpooling would have a similar effect on carbon emissions as doubling public transport patronage in Australia's capital cities, a transport expert says.
If only 10% of the cars with solo drivers carried a passenger, the emissions reduction would be equivalent to a twofold growth in public transport patronage.
Public Transport cannot support a two fold growth in patronage, I have been travelling on trains for over 15 years and do you think I can get a seat in the mornings? No, that's right im the one standing near the doors for 1.4 hours while my train goes to Sydney each day and i still ask myself why i pay $19 for that convenience.
Public Transport has always been the inferior travel method, you're the one travelling to their departure points, travelling on a non direct route to where you are going, and drop off points are not always where you need to be. There is nothing convenient about Public Transport and it is all downhill from there when a service is running late or cancelled for the day.
They believe that Carpooling schemes eventually perish from lack of interest and energy because Carpooling negates the reasons that draws people to cars in the first place.
What attracts people to cars is the 'go anywhere anytime' convenience, that public transport does not provide and is not feasible to provide. At least with Carpooling we all stand a better chance of being able to get to Castle Hill at 1:45am on a Saturday morning.
Besides convenience, Carpooling allows you to choose who you travel with, know abit about them before travelling, and potentially make new friends while you are at it. LifeSocial Carpooling allows you to build your friends network and make new connections.
A September 2008 report by the Australia Road Research Group found that although people like the idea of carpooling, few wanted to take it up mostly because of trouble co-ordinating arrival and departure times. This just tells us that the schemes running in 2008 were not done right and lacked the volume of people needed to make it happen.
There are thousands of cars travelling to Sydney from the Central Coast each morning and the majority are all going to a similar area. Turning some of these into Carpools would be advantages. Not all drivers you carpool with will finish at the same time you do, but no one said you have to carpool back with the same person. Try Carpooling back with someone else.
The Government needs to be providing an incentive to those who Carpool in the mornings by not charging a bridge toll for cars carrying more than 1x passenger.
Overall, Carpooling done right provides a far more efficient system of travel, costs are shared, there are less vehicles on the road, your safer than on Public Transport and believe me.. It's a whole lot more fun. It is important to build a network of friends in Carpooling that way you have backup options available to you.
So don't just sit around, join LifeSocial Carpooling now and start building your friends network today.
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