Becoming A More Courteous Driver
Angry Driver
At some point in time we all dread the commute, the reality is we're dreading dealing with other people's antics on the road. If we all become more courteous drivers, the roads would become less stressful and more inviting.
Drive Without Distraction
When you get into the car your main focus should be the road, other vehicles on the road and pedestrians.
Not your Mobile phone, Loud Music, Food & Drink.
Turn Off your mobile to avoid temptation of reading that txt message or answering calls.
Loud Music is distraction as it takes concentration away from the road. Food and Drink would usually require us to drive with one hand while consuming food or drink.
Besides there are some serious health issues while eating and driving. It's known that the steering wheel can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat.
Defensive Driving
I have always taken the defensive driving approach, think for everyone else on the road, anticipate an incident and don't trust anyone.
There are numerous courses available training drivers on defensive driving, and I would highly recommend drivers take the active approach in doing a Defensive Driving Course.
Defensive Driving is a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving. Its aim is to reduce the risk of collision by anticipating dangerous situations, despite adverse conditions or the mistakes of others.
Saving the Right Lane for Overtaking
There's nothing better than the feeling of having clear highway in front of you, and we sometimes get the urge the go 5km over the limit driving in the right lane.
Unfortunately there are going to be people behind you who want to overtake you, their either going to high beam you, sit too close to the rear of your vehicle or have to overtake you in the left lane.
Stick to the left and save the right lane for overtaking. Save people the frustration.
Looking Further Ahead
When you look further ahead on a road, you get a quick insight to the bigger picture.
You are now seeing cars changing lanes earlier, you may see your exit coming up, you may see an accident ahead and be able to move out of it's path.
Looking Ahead simply means less suprises, more time to react, and less drama behind the wheel.
Leave More Than a 1m Gap To The Car In Front
Leaving more space between you and the car in front provides more time to react to sudden changes and even helps smooth out the stop and go bumper to bumper traffic.
We would recommend at least a 1.5m gap between the car in front. NSW RTA Road Rules inidicate a 1m gap between the car in front. Like all of the NSW RTA Road Rules, it is insufficient
The NSW RTA Road Rules should only be treated as a guideline as they were not written by people who actually put a lot of km/s on the vehicles they drive, nor are they in line with reality.
Don't Rubberneck
If there is an accident or someone on the side of the road that does not need your help, give them space and do not slow down to stare.
This is exactly what causes traffic jams, thousands of eyes wanting to peep.
It's annoying and dangerous. DON'T DO IT!
Turn Off Your High Beams
Do you like getting blinded by oncoming cars with their high beams on? No, you don't. So don't do it to other people.
Don't Give Up Your Right Of Way
You might think you're being courteous by letting someone else go ahead of you on the street or at a stop sign.
Truth is you're actually disrupting the flow of traffic, confusing everyone and slowing everything down.
Blink Your Lights As Thanks
I've seen this often where someone blinks their lights as thanks for letting them in, or blinks to let someone know they have room to change lanes. It's like a thank you wave, except it's more visible.
Blinking your lights towards on coming traffic can indicate to vehicles driving in the opposite direction that there are Police a head.
In our point of view there is nothing wrong with doing this as it would be a clear violation of the Freedom of Speech Act. Blinking lights is a form of communication. However we stress that you take this advice lightly and use caution when blinking lights.
Use Your Turn Signals!
Always use your turn signals, people need to be communicated as to what your intentions are.
Use turn signals as if you were being followed by the Police trying to meet their quota.
Quota! Thats right, Police do have a quota and as much as they want to deny it, that's why you see them all
out on one day running an operation. It's a revenue operation and nothing more.
Allow More Time For Your Commute
Allow yourself more time to arrive at a destination and suddenly you don't mind so much being cut off,
you are not as stressed, less temptation to speed and road rage diminishes.
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