Apple iPhone 7. Is It Innovative or Just a Flop?
iPhone 7
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"IT Expert Dan Skill talks iPhone 7 and just how Innovative Apple have been."
It seems Apple have taken the approach of not bringing new features this round, but are preparing people for change and a revolution when they release the iPhone 8 in 2017.
The iPhone 7's minimalistic design does not necessarily mean it's going to be easier to use, in fact Apple have numerous trade offs with design over actual functionality. The worlds most loved phone is potentially becoming the worlds most hated phone.
There is in fact nothing new about the iPhone 7 despite what Apple Marketing and Apple Fanboys will tell you.
A Familiar Shape
The Apple iPhone 7 is using last years shell and chassis, so no innovation here.
Where did the home button go?
Apple have removed the physical home button and have replaced this with a picture of the home button and utilises haptic touch, which is simply a little vibration when the button is touched. To make it feel real of course.
Still No Stereo Sound
For a company that was built on the iPod, a popular music device. You would think that they could bring a basic thing like Stereo Sound. With our homes and nearly every other device around us mainly having 5.1 Surround sound. Apples offering of mono sound on the iPhone 7 simply does not cut it. It is nothing short of embarrasing.
Apple removed the headphone jack
The removal of the headphone jack has been controversial and so far not really accepted. The move to make the headphones connect via lightning port is a bad move. It now means you cannot charge your phone at the same time as listening to music. Unless you buy accessories such as wireless headphones or a wireless charging platform. Just like Apple want you to do.
iPhone 7 No Headphone Jack and Mono Audio
The iPhone 7 is now water resistant
With Apple claiming that the iPhone 7 is its first water-resistant smartphone, many might get the idea of jumping in pools and even showering with the device once they get their handsets. However, here is the truth about the waterproof certification of the new iPhone.
Apparently, the waterproofing of the iPhone 7 has limitations that should be followed unless owners would want to end up with a very expensive paperweight, according to Apple Insider. What the IP67 rating really means is that the device can be submerged in water that's not deeper than a meter and for not more than 30 minutes.
Apart from the water resistance, there are three main external differences between the 6 and 7:
1. The antenna lines on the back have been tweaked and colored to blend into the body on the matte black and glossy jet black models, which is a welcome refinement.
2. The camera bump has been enlarged and more artfully curved into the rear casing, which looks particularly handsome on the smaller phone with a single camera.
3. There's no headphone jack.
The iPhone 7 is a bridge phone for Apple, keeping sales solid while waiting for the revolution, which is the iPhone 8.
Our recommendation is not to get too tied up in the hype of the launch of the iPhone 7, hold on to your cash and buy the iPhone 8.
P.S Apple just recommended you get a case for the jet black iPhone 7 because it's prone to scratches. OHH DEAR! Really.
Dan Skill
Date Published: 14/09/2016
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