Analysis and Breakdown
To App or Not
Recently I was given 5 minutes to analyse an electronic vending machine and asked to provide some information on why things were placed where they were.
1. You have a presentation layer so while not all dispensers in the vending machine were full, there is a need to make the vending machine look full.
2. There is also a spread of the popular items to reduce wear and tear on the keypad.
3. The most interesting was the product placement, it worked in a system of like for like products by traversing numbers. The reasons I could see for this were simply a layer of protection from machine / human error.
Example: Joe wishes to purchase a Packet of Chips Sour Cream flavoured this is number 45 Joe puts his money in the machine and enters 45, nothing happens so out of frustration quickly enters his number again Joe gets the product he wanted, but it was delivered by number 54
Why did this happen? because when Joe entered his numbers the machine recognised number 5, re-entering his numbers 45 meant the machine saw 545 but knowing it does not have a high range like that it just took it as 54
Equally a similar scenario could happen where Joe enters his numbers 45 and the machine only recognises 4, Joe re-enters his numbers giving 44 in most cases product 44 and 45 are the same product. Joe still gets the product he wanted
Analysis and break down of a process and an understanding of how and why it works is the first crucial step in implementing new technologies, moving to a new environments or simply implementing a minor change.
Analysis and breakdown does not need to take long, i gathered some pretty cool findings in under 5 minutes all which were correct.
Yours Truly,
Dan Skill
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