An Open Letter to Uber.
Date: 19/01/2015
Dear David Rohrsheim,
I understand UBER disrupting an industry and bringing people a better choice, and I do not have a problem with that. There are numerous articles that attack UBER and don't see the opportunity it can bring.
I do have a problem with UBER associating its services with the words "Rideshare" and "Ridesharing".
Seriously who are you kidding. Here's a dictionary definition of the word ridesharing:
"An arrangement whereby several participants or their children travel together in one vehicle, the participants sharing the costs and often taking turns as the driver." SOURCE:
There are a few basic rules that make something ridesharing.
1. Costs are usually shared with the driver and other passengers
2. There is an assumption that the driver was already going in a similar direction to the passengers allowing the driver to 'SHARE THEIR RIDE'.
3. Most laws state that people should know each other, either be friends, work colleagues, or family.
UBER attempts to match a passenger with a driver, not a friend, family member or work colleague.
Trip costs are not shared between the driver and passenger, trips in fact are charged at a rate per kilometre for profit.
Please also see
Turning a profit on a trip has serious implications when it comes to car insurance, in fact early on in 2014 I spoke to NRMA, AAMI and QBE in regards to how insurance policies would apply or not apply if the driver was ridesharing.
The common consensus between the three insurance companies was that if the trip was done for profit than the trip becomes commercial and you need commercial insurance, your private insurance becomes void. However if the trip was a true rideshare where costs were shared between driver and passenger insurance is valid.
Im asking you to publicly explain how UBER believes that they are a ridesharing company and not a public taxi service running without the correct licensing.
I ask that you respond within 30 days or refrain from associating UBER services with the words "Rideshare" and "Ridesharing".
Dan Skill
LifeSocial Rideshare
Email: [email protected]
Date Published: 19/01/2015
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