All Fines From 'City Of Sydney' Council are now null and void.
City Of Sydney Council Fraud. Fines are null and void.

All Fines From 'City Of Sydney' Council Are Now Null and Void. A fine is payable when it meets the conditions of the law, not when the fine or the corporation handing it out contradicts the law.
We've recently done some digging as a result of receiving a parking fine from infamous City Of Sydney.
What we found may interest you. 'City Of Sydney' Council holds ABN (22 636 550 790) and trades as the Corporation 'City of Sydney'.
This directly conflicts with Section 220 of the Local Government Act concerning the status of council in Australia. Infact 'City Of Sydney' has directors, shareholders and is run as a for profit Corporation, they do not have the public's best interests.
Local Government Act Section 220 Legal status of a council
(1) A council is a body politic of the State with perpetual succession and the legal capacity and powers of an individual, both in and outside the State.
(2) A council is not a body corporate (including a corporation).
(3) A council does not have the status, privileges and immunities of the Crown (including the State and the Government of the State).
(4) A law of the State applies to and in respect of a council in the same way as it applies to and in respect of a body corporate (including a corporation).
We've since contacted the following from City Of Sydney asking them to provide information as per below
Julie Lawson
Councillor Support Officer for Councillor John Mant
Office of the CEO
Kimon Karitakis
City Ranger Inspector/Tl
City Rangers
Please provide:
1. Provide validation and the actual accounting of the debt.
2. Provide evidence of your loss of revenue.
3. A signed invoice verifying your claim against me.
4. A copy of a contract signed by myself binding both parties.
5. Proof of your ownership of that particular part of the road.
6. Evidence of any injury or damage the vehicle caused
Both Julie Lawson and Kimon Karitakis failed to provide the requested information, this has resulted in their admission that City Of Sydney's alleged fines are illegal and contrary to laws.
If you have received a fine from City Of Sydney you need to contact them urgently, usually within 3 days of receiving the fine. Advise City Of Sydney that you do not wish to contract with them and ask them to provide information on the above 6 questions.
They may try and refer you to the SDRO, and that's purely because they cannot answer the questions and acknowledge that what they are doing is fraudulent.
Happy Parking!
Date Published: 30/03/2015
All Rights Reserved. UCC-1 308
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