A CMO and a Psychologist walk into a bar
A CMO and a Psychologist walk into a bar
Not even 1 week ago we advertised for a marketing genius, we didn't label what we were looking for because we wanted people from other fields to apply if they had the belief they could deliver the same or better.
The response we had might interest you.
We had quite a few traditional marketeers who knew email marketing, talked about SEO, Adwords and tried talking about Growth Hacking. These people I refer to as Marketing 1.0 and are often confused between what Marketing and Advertising is.
There is a big difference and the reality is advertising will go on without marketing in place anyway, knowing your target market is something you learn or hopefully know when building your product and as for SEO it's positioning of your product so it's found, it's not marketing once again.
Email marketing while it's not dead, it yields pretty low responses and often ends in spam, you're not engaging the user in a rich experience and you're not connecting with your audience on an emotional level, you're just pissing them off with junk mail.
To all you marketing 1.0 people..truely, it is time to put down your Marketo and Exact Target applications and connect with people in other ways. They invented the Spam Filter so we could avoid you.
One guy even sent me a PDF on Growth Hacking, without taking the time to find out what my background is.
I know what growth hacking is, I just don't have time to cover all areas and I have to admit for marketing people, they Marketed themselves in a poor manner.
I'd hate to see how they would be marketing us if they could not market themselves.
One the other hand, we had a Psychologist apply. He has a diploma in IT and it turns out he left the IT area and went to Psychology as he found it more stimulating.
  • He didn't talk about SEO and Adwords
  • He didn't just try talking about Growth Hacking, he demonstrated 3 ways we could start growth hacking today
  • He taught us the importance of emotionally engaging people and letting them become our evangalists (The Apple way).
  • Suggested the removal of ads as they only offend and cause a user to put up their barrier.
  • Suggested a change in Business Model and how we could make the service lower cost or free
The conversation goes deeper than this and means changes to how things are done. It's all good and exactly what we wanted to hear. Now this is a marketing 2.0 person, by the way he started a few days later.
A CMO and a Psychologist walk into a bar
The Joke:
The CMO asks for a drink. The bartender says, "Hmm, no, sorry, from the look of you, I don't think you know how to hold your liquor."
The CIO asks for a drink. The bartender replies, "I know you know how to drink, but sorry, you haven't paid off your tab from all those drinks you bought over the past 10 years."
The chief digital officer approaches the bar, but before he can ask, the bartender reaches over and high-fives him. "My main man,," he greets him enthusiastically. "What do you want? It's on the house!"
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Date Published: 01/09/2014
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