About LifeSocial Rideshare
LifeSocial Rideshare is evolving the way the world gets from A to B by seamlessly connecting drivers with empty seats to passengers looking for a ride through the use of our software and technology.
We've made cities more accessible, we've even made central coast taxi drivers lift their game and realise that there is viable competition. We're equally proud to have helped thousands see Byron Bay and other popular locations such as the Great Ocean Road.
It all started with Founder Dan Skill's issue of having to get to Port Macquarie and at the time not having access to a working vehicle.
Founder Dan Skill spotted an opportunity knowing that there were limited options available such as expensive Taxis (Sydney to Bathurst will cost you $800 in a taxi and so will a flight to Bali). Trains that are forever worsening in service and don't actually go to your destination, they only get you near. Buses that have a long route to follow before getting to your destination.
No one was offering any alternative solutions, and if there was they were a half hearted attempt to get something going.
LifeSocial Rideshare started in 2012 as a ground up design and is making travel social, money-saving and more efficient for it's members.
Dan Skill
Dan Skill
Dan has a rich history in IT from Hardware to Software. At the age of 11 he wrote an Image Manipulation Application, Started his computer business at the age of 15, later went on to work for Meedio in helping develop the first known Media Centers on the market. He is oddly a fan of Salesforce and developing in Apex, keen interest in PBX and CTI. Runs the network and IT infrastructure for HIP Group. In his spare time he loves spending time with family and his 2 dogs Max and Pasha.
Haris Ali
Haris Ali
Haris shares the LifeSocial Rideshare vision, in fact Haris contacted us and said he wanted to bring LifeSocial Rideshare to Pakistan. So we said Yes! Haris has lead the launch and early success in Pakistan with our venture called Highway Sawari. Highway Sawari is now popular with University students that would normally catch a taxi to Uni.
Haris Ali
Mayuri comes to LifeSocial Rideshare with excellent skills in PHP, Javascript, HTML and MySQL, a strong mind and an ability to think outside the box. We honestly could leave Mayuri with the application with no specification and she still would know what to improve. Mayuri equally has a similar vision for LifeSocial Rideshare.
Mukesh is a fairly new addition to the team but has already made an impact in his first weeks. Mukesh has developed apps for some of the most recognised organisations around the world and we're just glad to have him with us. In his spare time Mukesh likes playing the Banjo and Soccer.