What is lifeSocial Carpooling
Carpool Peoples
Your everyday commute, taxi's and travelling holidays can cost hundreds, if not thousands of dollars and that's not even mentioning the environmental impacts.

LifeSocial Carpooling is designed to connect drivers and travellers with similar needs, to empower people to be able to make better decisions on how they travel. All with the added benefit of cost savings for all involved.

LifeSocial Carpooling is suitable for:
The everyday commute
People looking for a travel buddy for the next trip
Uni students, back packers, overseas travellers
People concerned about the environment
You simply need a lift
Finding the perfect Car Pooling partner
  • It's always best to find someone going in a similar direction to yourself.
    This is done by entering the suburb of your departure and destination points on the search page.
    You can also enter the date and time you wish to depart, if you prefer smoking / non smoking, and if you prefer a male or female co-traveller
  • The search returns all trips with the same departure and destination points and similar dates and times.
    Advanced search allows for searching of all trips with the same destination point, with similar dates and times.
    This is handy if you find yourself needing to use public transport to get yourself to a different departure point.
  • Selecting a result will show you the trip details and information about the person who posted the trip, including if they are verified and passed a Police check, and read comments left by other members.
  • You can send messages via the message centre to enquire about the trip.
    You need to be a registered user and be logged into LifeSocial Carpooling to be able to see trip details, details of the person who posted the trip, and be able to send messages.
  • Providing a phone number can speed up communication between each other.
Adding Your Trip
Whether you want to drive and are looking for a partner to travel with or you simply cannot find a close match to where you are going, adding a new trip is easy
  • To get started enter the departure and destination points
  • Select the Trip Type
    Select Offer, if you are offering to drive.
    Select Request if you are wanting to car pool with a driver
  • Enter the date and time you wish to depart
  • If you are flexible on the departure date, select the amount of days you are flexible
  • If this is a re-occuring event, select the interval and start date of the re-occuring event
  • Select your car type, amount of seats available, and any cost you wish to charge
  • Select your preferred sex to travel with, smoking or non smoking, and any additional comments
Verified Users and Police Check
For safety reasons most people only travel with verified users.

Becoming a verified user is voluntary and requires a copy of the National Police Check to be sited. After being sited and approved Site Users will have a National Police Check Tick on their profile. To apply for a National Police Check Visit National Police Checks

It is mandatory to submit a face shot. Users that are reported as posing a threat will be investigated, have their account cancelled and reported to Police.

Despite measures put in place for the safety and comfort of all users. Always travel responsibly, and advise others of your plans, and give updates of where you are.
If you feel uncomfortable, exit the vehicle and cancel the trip.
Tips to help make Car Pooling a fun experience
Everything successful starts with great communication and tolerance.
  • Start a conversation with all members in your carpool before the trip.
    This provides great opportunity to get to know others and communicate any
    needs and requirements before the trip.
  • Pick up and drop off locations and times are agreed in advance.
    If you are going to be late call the other members and let them know
    as soon as you can.
  • If the driver has set a cost on the trip per person, the cost must be paid
    at the beginning of the trip.
  • Be respectful of other peoples choices, decisions and needs.
    Everyone is different and everyone has the right to beliefs and lifestyle
    Take the opportunity to learn more about why and avoid pushing your beliefs and lifestyle on them.
  • Don't use language or behaviour that may be offensive to others.
  • Absolutely no smoking in the car unless all other car poolers are smokers.
    Non smokers who reply "ohh i don't mind if you smoke around me" are lying.
    They plainly don't smoke for a reason and truely don't appreciate when people
    smoke around them.
  • If you are sick with a flu or contagious disease, advise all others
    and consider cancelling your car pool trip. No one else wants to get sick
    and there is nothing fun about a car full of people with the flu.
  • The driver must obey all road rules, not speed, drink and drive and not put anyone's
    life at risk.
  • Take regular breaks, this allows people to stretch, use the toilets and eat and drink.
    Agree on the amount of time for a break and don't hold others up.
  • Transport of pets/animals and illegal drugs are not allowed, unless all members agree.
  • Have your mobile phone handy, with police and a friends number set in speed dial incase of emergency.
If a member has breached these rules or you have a complaint about a particular person
Contact Us or locate the member and select "Report This Person".